in the (Greenwich) meantime

Hohoo! Surprise attack of photos from the back left! You didn't think I'd treat you to some new photos this soon now did you? :) But – I went out to Greenwich today and brought both my Canon and Holga with me. So, whilst we wait for the lovely people of Snappy Snaps to develop my film let me show you what a glorious day out it was today:

It was superb weather for park life today. The crocuses and daffodils are already blooming in Greenwich Park and the afternoon sunlight was so lovely. I was sitting out in the park for ages just enjoying the dare-I-say-it spring weather and people watching.

What's nice about this park is that there are a lot of dogs and most of them run free. I'm not sure how "legal" that is, but most people with dogs were sensible, yet letting their dogs have the time of their lives in the park too. This little one absolutely loved this man and especially his huge kite.

The couples were out in full force in the glorious weather, too.

… As well as the boys checking the girls out.
Luckily for my little project, she was decked out in the right colour today, too. :)

Some other lovely photos for Project Rainbow were taken today, too.
Although the Gods of Photography didn't love me as much as they did on Friday –
but I'm not complaining! :)

The lack of red was was all made up in the levels in cuteness instead.
Like in his red cheeks and level of concentration. ;)


All and all it was about relaxation and just enjoying the Sunday today for me.
After all, it's back to work tomorrow. I hope you've had a nice weekend, too!

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One Comment on “in the (Greenwich) meantime”

  1. Lizzie says:

    Another fab set of photos – I liked the last post so much, I went out and took some red photos myself today. I've started taking pics for the rainbow as well – hopeing to get some good ones tomorrow when we go travelling.

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