No photo projects for me this extra week since my body decided to cave in and have a nice little cold, again. So, instead of bumbling about the streets of London I alleviated my boredom by setting up an Etsy store!

Now you can own a little piece of my London by purchasing some of my Holga prints here.

If there is a print you particularly like and I don't have on sale, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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rays of sunshine


February has turned out to be a good photography month for me. Yellow for Project Rainbow is now complete. A week early as well, which is great considering last month I was still taking red photos on the last day to finish the first month on time. I keep saying this, but doing a themed project has been a great way of getting back out on the street of London. Yesterday I got so many great photos just by being out there…


I was contemplating on saving this one for the orange photos, but then thought it actually has more yellow in it. The look of this lady in all beige (including her paper bag) and the colourful shopfronts and signs is great contrast.


Lots of cups around yesterday… People in London are sometimes so preoccupied inside their own bubble that they don't even notice some weird woman standing next to them taking photos when they chat on their mobile phones. Not that the weird woman is complaining. ;) It's all about the hands in this one for me.


Yes, that weird woman gets everywhere to bother you. Even on your cigarette breaks… It's actually a shame he is standing like this as you can't see his awesome skinny jean look. He was really rocking it. ;)


The most stylish lost person I've caught in London this far. Just look at the red shoes!


And the cutest yellow thing I've caught this month. Her mum caught me snapping at her, but luckily didn't mind. Maybe I didn't look weird enough to get them worried.


It's amazing what I was getting away with yesterday looking at these photos today to be honest. The look of conplacency on the face of the guy being told off… great. Fab expressions going on here all around.


This is the last of the yellow photos. I've been lurking in front of this building before without catching anything worth posting until now. I have no idea why he was hopping around like this. Maybe it was just for the show for the weird woman. Maybe he was just happy to go home in the end of the day. :)


And now for my favourites from yesterday. People in their own bubbles + weird lady, and this happens. Looks like I need to take my little Olympus half frame camera out again as I've gone automatically for the diptych look here without even thinking about it…


… as well as in this. This is by far the best photo I have taken this year. I am so happy with how it turned out in every way. It looks great in colour, too, but I decided to run with it in the BW format, hence filling the one BW shot per post going on at the moment. ;)

And now since I have a week until I go all pink on you in March I am thinking about couple little themes to keep me going out with my camera. My Holga is currently in Berlin (hi baby!), so maybe it's a good idea to take the Olympus out actually… although there are a few things I am thinking about doing along Project Rainbow now this year, so watch this space. ;)  

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Saturday in my neighbourhood

The search continues. The sun is out again in London today. It's the weekend and even the old ladies are smiling on the streets. Life can't be bad. I went to run some errands in the neighbourhood and brought my camera with me. I am trying to get in the habit of taking it out with me all the time and it seems to be working…

There was this yellow overload waiting for me out there. I think this scene was just waiting for me to capture it, although the first thing I noticed was this guys shorts! I know it was really warm a week ago over here, but at the moment it ain't. People in London are crazy dressers sometimes. I saw people in sandals when it was sleeting the other week. Sandals. And sleet. That must have been an awesome experience. :D

It's all about the bags in this one. It's great to be out there just recording what you see and what come across. Some things passed me by today, but some moments always do get away. But something like this is nice to have a memory of. Its all in its subtleties.

One of those moments that almost got away from me. But didn't. This guy was so fancy in his sunglasses and all… sleeping on the bus. :) And yes, it's the the token black&white photo in the post as you can see.

From the traffic back to the pedestrians. I just loved how lost that person was, but more so how the shadows of the tree branches also shadow the street map posted. Great detail. I hope the guy found his way in the end… as I often hope when I capture these lost people in London. ;)

My favourite shot from today. I wasn't even going for the yellow here. It just happened. (Yellow Happens…:D) I spotted that boy sitting on the suitcase from afar and made a dash across the street to snap him and got two frames. In this second one he spotted me. ;)

Now it's back out for me for a cup of Saturday afternoon coffee and the paper!
Hope you're having a lovely weekend, too!

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fate vs. kisses


Happy Valentine's Day!

This week has been quite productive in the photography front here in London, although since I am shooting almost every day, but taking less photos per day it doesn't feel productive to me. Does that make sense? Well it did to me a minute ago when I was trying to figure out how it was possible. I have been out couple nights this week after work in particular taking photos. And for the first time, ever, ran out of battery when there was still a lot of energy left in me…


I've been targeting especially the City of London, or the Square Mile as it's known, for the architecture, lights and people are a plenty in this area after 5pm. I tried to get into doing more night time photography last year, but that never really took off as much as I'd wanted, so now I'm out there again with a bit of a mission in my mind. Also, for the purpose of more practise on the BW conversions and tones like in this photo for me. :)


… and in this. I just love how this turned out. Just as I wanted it to. Although I could never imagine being able to catch such subtle details like the eyelashes of the lady on the right. That just puts the cherry on the top for me. I really love how in BW you really do focus your eye on how light works. Which at night time can be really stunning when you get it right.

Some yellow for the Project Rainbow. Yellow is becoming a really difficult colour to photograph for me. All I see are men in yellow vests on conctruction sites. Which to be hones is a bit boring (but my fault). This guy I couldn't resist snapping though, standing at such a ridiculous angle and height fixing something on the scaffolding. I saw the ambulance coming and thought, "what irony!" :)


The yellow in this is one a bit too subtle I think… But hey, it's more couples for my couples series. And yes, it is after all Valentine's today, so in honour of that too…


… more couples. I like the dynamics in this photograph. The couples, the red hat in the middle, the movement, the man smoking, the bus. Shame the red theme ended for me already, but at least the guy had a yellow bag. ;)

The beginning of the week was very foggy in London. Funnily enough it is not that foggy over here that often, even though London has that fog reputation and all. But when it is foggy, it's amazing. I love it, and it gave me this lovely photo-opportunity at work in the beginning of the week by my office. And as couple in that one as well for you.

Although I'm not in for much of this commercially created celebration of love today, I salute you couples! You give me a lot of lovely photos and moments between people to capture. ;) And in the words of e.e.cummings:

"Kisses are a better fate than wisdom."

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Chinese New Year

Welcome to the Year of the Rat!

The great Chinese New Year Parade and celebrations took over central London yesterday all day and I popped over in the morning to soak in the sights, sounds and smells of one of my favourite London traditions. It was a quick spin as there were so many people and because I am trying to stay away from the reportage-genre after doing it all last year. A girl needs some yellow photos though, so this is what I saw yesterday:


Things were in full swing when I arrived to Trafalgar Square, but I was lucky and managed to squeeze into a nice little photo spot by the National Portrait Gallery and catch a glimpse of the celebrations. What great fun these girls were having. :)

I've come to take a few photos of other photographers now.
Maybe it's about some internal commentary and/or irony, who knows.
I just find it fascinating to observe what others see in the same place as me.
Although I wonder if they see me in similarly silly manner as I saw him yesterday… ;)

My favourite photo from yesterday.
Yes, it's in black&white. I need to practise my eye and conversions…
but also this scene works so much better in this way.
Kids these days, eh? ;)

… or well, who am I to talk about kids these days…
It was quite funny to see this lady to have a donut with all the other gorgeous stuff available to eat.

And yes, there was ONE yellow photo taken yesterday.
I got a bit distracted you see… ;) But one is better than nothing when it's this funny, right?
I thought this to be quite appropriate considering what we were celebrating.

Can I change my mind? Maybe this my favourite photo from yesterday after all…
I can't decide. I love this little girl all pretty in pink and look at her fab her balloon.
Very very cute. :)

So, Mission Yellow continues…

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Had a day off yesterday, the weather was wonderful, I was in a good mood, so out with the camera I went:

I believe it was the unofficial silly sunglasses day yesterday… ;)

The Embankment was so pretty yesterday afternoon.
Lots of people milling about, having lunch etc.
(not sure if his patience paid off…)

I've not caught anyone lost in London for a while.
Just look behind you guys. ;)

All things yellow are still the theme of the month.
It really is getting me out more with the camera, which is great!

My favourite photo from yesterday.
Everything in this works for me: the composition, the people, the colours (yellow, yay!), the numbers.
Ahh, it's a bliss when something like this happens and you capture it. :)

So, just a quickie today. Let's see when I hit a photographer's (colour) block with this project. I've done so well and it's really got me inspired in so many ways already. It can't possibly continue, now can it?!  :D

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yellow Saturday

Saturday started the weekend and my hunt for all things yellow, which is the colour for February. I spent my afternoon wandering around the neighbourhood and keeping my camera poised. I planned only to do a little walk around the block, but ended up walking to Tate Modern and back. It was such a nice day I couldn't resist.

The usual amount of people were out and this bench by the lower entrance at Tate Modern keeps giving me endless photo opportunities. :) I loved how their stripes matched the rail in the background, even though I don't condone them smoking. And sharing their bad habits.

Inside the Turbine Hall the photo opportunities continued. This photograph works for me in many levels. She is so cute with the bow, but I also like the feel of the isolation from the other girls. If I had to take a photo to represent my teenage years this would probably be quite close to it. ;) Also her book had a yellow cover, although I didn't catch it quite well here.

Just a surreal and quite funny scene down by the Shibboleth.
I love how all the people are ignoring the spill in such a London way.

Yellow seemed to an elusive colour yesterday, but I managed to squeeze three and a half yellow things out of this photo. I was quite surprised at myself to be taking this photo (just like the woman in the middle). I just saw the girl on the left approaching in her coat, lifted my camera up, snapped, and walked ahead. It had such a feel of arrogance to do this. Am I hardening up with my street photography? :D Regardless, I love the flow in this photo.

Speak about elusive. There were some nice yellow moments I nearly caught, this being a good example of almost-there. But I loved those clouds over St Paul's too much not to post this.

Where old race cars go to die…
Just another bizarre scene on the streets of London. Couldn't resist snapping it.

Oh, and speaking of bizarre moments. I wish I'd caught this a bit closer. :)
Just shows you need to be ready for anything when you're out with a camera.

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