Salut world! It's the first of February and the year moves on. January ended with me officially completing the first colour of the Project Rainbow. It was actually more touch and go than I anticipated. I really didn't think catching twenty "red" photos would be as challenging as it was. But the last three photos came to me last night on my way home, thus me getting through the first month barely.

On my way home I got off at Embankment and walked home across the river hoping that I wouldn't have to agonise at home with more red items to shoot macro with. :D Somehow it feels a bit like cheating to me, although I am sure it's just all in my head (as always). The man selling the Evening Standard by the entrance was the first thing that caught my eye and from then on I knew I might just get there, just might. :)

People lined up nicely for me here. The screen above the stairs switched from that purple to red at times with some advertising/information. If it would have been red at this particular moment I think I would have made a little dance. But alas, no dancing by the Royal Festival Hall last night. At least not by me. ;)

I also caught this by Embankment station. There is something quite haunting for me in the scene, especially how the figure on the right turned out. It looked quite nice in colour, but I have to admit the right side is a bit blown out and somehow I saw this in black&white in my mind. If that makes sense…

Beginning of February has also brought another ending my way. A year ago I started my little video project "Part of My London" on YouTube. Today I returned to the steps at Trafalgar Square to close the circle and shoot my last video for the project. I can't believe that exactly a year ago I stood on those same steps filming my first clip. I leave the project with a happy heart and I'm so glad that I have followed it through. Twenty-four  videos later I can't really complain! :D Who knows, I might add some bonus films to my account and to the series later, but for now it's an Officially Completed Project and I'm going to be focusing on anything of the colour yellow for all of February. ;)

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