yellow Saturday

Saturday started the weekend and my hunt for all things yellow, which is the colour for February. I spent my afternoon wandering around the neighbourhood and keeping my camera poised. I planned only to do a little walk around the block, but ended up walking to Tate Modern and back. It was such a nice day I couldn't resist.

The usual amount of people were out and this bench by the lower entrance at Tate Modern keeps giving me endless photo opportunities. :) I loved how their stripes matched the rail in the background, even though I don't condone them smoking. And sharing their bad habits.

Inside the Turbine Hall the photo opportunities continued. This photograph works for me in many levels. She is so cute with the bow, but I also like the feel of the isolation from the other girls. If I had to take a photo to represent my teenage years this would probably be quite close to it. ;) Also her book had a yellow cover, although I didn't catch it quite well here.

Just a surreal and quite funny scene down by the Shibboleth.
I love how all the people are ignoring the spill in such a London way.

Yellow seemed to an elusive colour yesterday, but I managed to squeeze three and a half yellow things out of this photo. I was quite surprised at myself to be taking this photo (just like the woman in the middle). I just saw the girl on the left approaching in her coat, lifted my camera up, snapped, and walked ahead. It had such a feel of arrogance to do this. Am I hardening up with my street photography? :D Regardless, I love the flow in this photo.

Speak about elusive. There were some nice yellow moments I nearly caught, this being a good example of almost-there. But I loved those clouds over St Paul's too much not to post this.

Where old race cars go to die…
Just another bizarre scene on the streets of London. Couldn't resist snapping it.

Oh, and speaking of bizarre moments. I wish I'd caught this a bit closer. :)
Just shows you need to be ready for anything when you're out with a camera.

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