Had a day off yesterday, the weather was wonderful, I was in a good mood, so out with the camera I went:

I believe it was the unofficial silly sunglasses day yesterday… ;)

The Embankment was so pretty yesterday afternoon.
Lots of people milling about, having lunch etc.
(not sure if his patience paid off…)

I've not caught anyone lost in London for a while.
Just look behind you guys. ;)

All things yellow are still the theme of the month.
It really is getting me out more with the camera, which is great!

My favourite photo from yesterday.
Everything in this works for me: the composition, the people, the colours (yellow, yay!), the numbers.
Ahh, it's a bliss when something like this happens and you capture it. :)

So, just a quickie today. Let's see when I hit a photographer's (colour) block with this project. I've done so well and it's really got me inspired in so many ways already. It can't possibly continue, now can it?!  :D

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