Chinese New Year

Welcome to the Year of the Rat!

The great Chinese New Year Parade and celebrations took over central London yesterday all day and I popped over in the morning to soak in the sights, sounds and smells of one of my favourite London traditions. It was a quick spin as there were so many people and because I am trying to stay away from the reportage-genre after doing it all last year. A girl needs some yellow photos though, so this is what I saw yesterday:


Things were in full swing when I arrived to Trafalgar Square, but I was lucky and managed to squeeze into a nice little photo spot by the National Portrait Gallery and catch a glimpse of the celebrations. What great fun these girls were having. :)

I've come to take a few photos of other photographers now.
Maybe it's about some internal commentary and/or irony, who knows.
I just find it fascinating to observe what others see in the same place as me.
Although I wonder if they see me in similarly silly manner as I saw him yesterday… ;)

My favourite photo from yesterday.
Yes, it's in black&white. I need to practise my eye and conversions…
but also this scene works so much better in this way.
Kids these days, eh? ;)

… or well, who am I to talk about kids these days…
It was quite funny to see this lady to have a donut with all the other gorgeous stuff available to eat.

And yes, there was ONE yellow photo taken yesterday.
I got a bit distracted you see… ;) But one is better than nothing when it's this funny, right?
I thought this to be quite appropriate considering what we were celebrating.

Can I change my mind? Maybe this my favourite photo from yesterday after all…
I can't decide. I love this little girl all pretty in pink and look at her fab her balloon.
Very very cute. :)

So, Mission Yellow continues…

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One Comment on “Chinese New Year”

  1. Crush-Monkey says:

    I am totally enjoying your quest for yellow photos!
    The photo of the little girl in pink with her balloon is adorable!
    : )

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