fate vs. kisses


Happy Valentine's Day!

This week has been quite productive in the photography front here in London, although since I am shooting almost every day, but taking less photos per day it doesn't feel productive to me. Does that make sense? Well it did to me a minute ago when I was trying to figure out how it was possible. I have been out couple nights this week after work in particular taking photos. And for the first time, ever, ran out of battery when there was still a lot of energy left in me…


I've been targeting especially the City of London, or the Square Mile as it's known, for the architecture, lights and people are a plenty in this area after 5pm. I tried to get into doing more night time photography last year, but that never really took off as much as I'd wanted, so now I'm out there again with a bit of a mission in my mind. Also, for the purpose of more practise on the BW conversions and tones like in this photo for me. :)


… and in this. I just love how this turned out. Just as I wanted it to. Although I could never imagine being able to catch such subtle details like the eyelashes of the lady on the right. That just puts the cherry on the top for me. I really love how in BW you really do focus your eye on how light works. Which at night time can be really stunning when you get it right.

Some yellow for the Project Rainbow. Yellow is becoming a really difficult colour to photograph for me. All I see are men in yellow vests on conctruction sites. Which to be hones is a bit boring (but my fault). This guy I couldn't resist snapping though, standing at such a ridiculous angle and height fixing something on the scaffolding. I saw the ambulance coming and thought, "what irony!" :)


The yellow in this is one a bit too subtle I think… But hey, it's more couples for my couples series. And yes, it is after all Valentine's today, so in honour of that too…


… more couples. I like the dynamics in this photograph. The couples, the red hat in the middle, the movement, the man smoking, the bus. Shame the red theme ended for me already, but at least the guy had a yellow bag. ;)

The beginning of the week was very foggy in London. Funnily enough it is not that foggy over here that often, even though London has that fog reputation and all. But when it is foggy, it's amazing. I love it, and it gave me this lovely photo-opportunity at work in the beginning of the week by my office. And as couple in that one as well for you.

Although I'm not in for much of this commercially created celebration of love today, I salute you couples! You give me a lot of lovely photos and moments between people to capture. ;) And in the words of e.e.cummings:

"Kisses are a better fate than wisdom."

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