Saturday in my neighbourhood

The search continues. The sun is out again in London today. It's the weekend and even the old ladies are smiling on the streets. Life can't be bad. I went to run some errands in the neighbourhood and brought my camera with me. I am trying to get in the habit of taking it out with me all the time and it seems to be working…

There was this yellow overload waiting for me out there. I think this scene was just waiting for me to capture it, although the first thing I noticed was this guys shorts! I know it was really warm a week ago over here, but at the moment it ain't. People in London are crazy dressers sometimes. I saw people in sandals when it was sleeting the other week. Sandals. And sleet. That must have been an awesome experience. :D

It's all about the bags in this one. It's great to be out there just recording what you see and what come across. Some things passed me by today, but some moments always do get away. But something like this is nice to have a memory of. Its all in its subtleties.

One of those moments that almost got away from me. But didn't. This guy was so fancy in his sunglasses and all… sleeping on the bus. :) And yes, it's the the token black&white photo in the post as you can see.

From the traffic back to the pedestrians. I just loved how lost that person was, but more so how the shadows of the tree branches also shadow the street map posted. Great detail. I hope the guy found his way in the end… as I often hope when I capture these lost people in London. ;)

My favourite shot from today. I wasn't even going for the yellow here. It just happened. (Yellow Happens…:D) I spotted that boy sitting on the suitcase from afar and made a dash across the street to snap him and got two frames. In this second one he spotted me. ;)

Now it's back out for me for a cup of Saturday afternoon coffee and the paper!
Hope you're having a lovely weekend, too!

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