rays of sunshine


February has turned out to be a good photography month for me. Yellow for Project Rainbow is now complete. A week early as well, which is great considering last month I was still taking red photos on the last day to finish the first month on time. I keep saying this, but doing a themed project has been a great way of getting back out on the street of London. Yesterday I got so many great photos just by being out there…


I was contemplating on saving this one for the orange photos, but then thought it actually has more yellow in it. The look of this lady in all beige (including her paper bag) and the colourful shopfronts and signs is great contrast.


Lots of cups around yesterday… People in London are sometimes so preoccupied inside their own bubble that they don't even notice some weird woman standing next to them taking photos when they chat on their mobile phones. Not that the weird woman is complaining. ;) It's all about the hands in this one for me.


Yes, that weird woman gets everywhere to bother you. Even on your cigarette breaks… It's actually a shame he is standing like this as you can't see his awesome skinny jean look. He was really rocking it. ;)


The most stylish lost person I've caught in London this far. Just look at the red shoes!


And the cutest yellow thing I've caught this month. Her mum caught me snapping at her, but luckily didn't mind. Maybe I didn't look weird enough to get them worried.


It's amazing what I was getting away with yesterday looking at these photos today to be honest. The look of conplacency on the face of the guy being told off… great. Fab expressions going on here all around.


This is the last of the yellow photos. I've been lurking in front of this building before without catching anything worth posting until now. I have no idea why he was hopping around like this. Maybe it was just for the show for the weird woman. Maybe he was just happy to go home in the end of the day. :)


And now for my favourites from yesterday. People in their own bubbles + weird lady, and this happens. Looks like I need to take my little Olympus half frame camera out again as I've gone automatically for the diptych look here without even thinking about it…


… as well as in this. This is by far the best photo I have taken this year. I am so happy with how it turned out in every way. It looks great in colour, too, but I decided to run with it in the BW format, hence filling the one BW shot per post going on at the moment. ;)

And now since I have a week until I go all pink on you in March I am thinking about couple little themes to keep me going out with my camera. My Holga is currently in Berlin (hi baby!), so maybe it's a good idea to take the Olympus out actually… although there are a few things I am thinking about doing along Project Rainbow now this year, so watch this space. ;)  

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One Comment on “rays of sunshine”

  1. Crush-Monkey says:

    Awesome photos as always! Can't wait to see what you find for pink in March! : )

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