pink Sunday

It was an unusually early Sunday morning out for me. I went to have breakfast at Charing Cross Road today and from there I wandered around central London wondering when had spring managed to sneak up on us! Everything is starting to look more green and alive. Well, apart from me. I really am not a morning person. :D It was hard to get going with the photography today because of that reason, but I actually managed to get more pink photos than I thought.

At least my breakfast was a bit more wholesome than this. ;)
But it is Sunday and you're allowed to have special treats on Sundays, right?

Only in London. More than a zombie she looked more like that girl from the original Ringu movies.
Really cute and creepy at the same time. :D I really love how bizarre this scene is,
down to the car in the background and the reflection of her hand on the car window.

Family outing on the streets of Soho.
At least she is desensitising her daughter to the world we live in nowadays. ;)
Not a bad pink capture either…


… nor was this.
I have no idea what made her grimace in such a funny way.
There was only a wall there.

Yes, only tough and incredibly handsome men can get away with wearing pink rucksacks.
I'm yet to get a good photo of any London men wearing pink shirts… it's a real pet peeve of mine,
but for the theme of the month the search continues.

This scene gave me mixed feelings.
I was highly amused (and pleased to catch him),
but at the same time I felt it was a bit disrespectful to use
 a memorial in such a manner for personal grooming.

Another scene I found highly amusing.

And this goes to my personal top five favourite photos I've taken this year.
I was hanging around this sign at Piccadilly to see is anything interesting would pass by.
And indeed something, or someone, did.
This is one of those London moments where I couldn't have hoped
to have anything better to come my way.

Not a bad photo Sunday at all, even though it felt very slow today. But at least now I feel a bit more awake. ;)

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One Comment on “pink Sunday”

  1. Tahtee says:

    Hello, love your pink sunday photos. Most because begins at charing cross station. And it's remember's me when i went to london few years ago.

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