a kiss from someone new

Today I went out to the South Bank just to soak up the mild weather and to do some people watching. Photography seems to be a bit of a chore for me at the moment and I have noticed a shift in my aesthetic, which was quite obvious from how I approached things today. It was an especially hard day to extract anything greatly pink, and looking through my photos today there is actually more blue that I might use in the future for the project… but this is what I managed to catch today:

  Lots of people just enjoyed the day – and the weekend.

This included a lot of sitting around…

… even though your seat might have not been the most comfortable one.

But never we mind about that as long as you had ice cream. :)

I think this photo is a good example about that aesthetic I mentioned earlier.
There is something I am pushing myself towards.
I feel like questioning something although I'm not sure quite what it is myself yet.
Sometimes pictures like this open up to me more with time.

Part of that aesthetic is this new static approach to my surroundings.
Like in this place I was drawn to that diagonal line and was just waiting for something interesting to happen.
Luckily it was something pink. :)

Before the static approach I was already a big fan of this kind of low angle.
And she is so gorgeously suspicious in her neon pink shoes.
Rightly so! ;)

I'm also a big fan of unconscious synchronicity, like in this one.

But nothing beats capturing something like this…
More photos to be really proud of in 2008. :)

At the moment I am trying to decide if I want to get back to the darkroom a bit or whether to do a two-day conference/workshop in May. It's not really a case of one cancelling the other, but May seems to already be quite action packed for me, including some time to be spent in Finland (as I was getting incredibly home sick last week). :) I'm quite looking forward to catching some orange photos in Helsinki then as well. But there are three more pink photos to complete this months series, so until then!

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2 Comments on “a kiss from someone new”

  1. Lindajoy says:

    I am happy to be in Melbourne now – but thank you for reminding me what a wonderful city London is. I will always love her.

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