April showers

It was a bit too good to be true to hit on the theme of the colour green in April. Everything is starting to blossom and bloom, thanks to the never ending showers. I felt a bit cheeky to be able to rub the theme in a bit more by taking a spin in Green Park here in London yesterday. At least it lives up to its name! :)

Actually it was a bit miserable when I first got out,
but in true British style I wasn't the only one trying to defeat the weather.

Sheltering away in front of the Ritz gave me some nice, dry, photo moments, too.
I really love how you can see the rain in this, especially hitting the ground.

By the time I got in a nice warm café to enjoy an afternoon coffee, and like these Dutch boys the people watching, the rain stopped and sun came out. I decided to take a little detour by the side streets and guess what, I ended up at Trafalgar Square.

I think with the South Bank this place is a bit of a photography safety zone for me! :D I haven't really recovered from my couple weeks break from street photography yet, so maybe starting in "easy" places is not such a bad idea.

Being in safe places doesn't stop me thinking in new concepts though.
This time I was trying to see things in more of a panorama way.
New points of view are always useful in trying to shake things up a bit.

Talk about another comfort zone: couples! ;)
I was interested in what was going on behind them in comparison to her facial expressions.
And these dots of red are lovely in this one I think.

And yes, more couples. Groups of couples to be exact.
Just loved the levels and positions of people in this one.
Couples to the left, trios to the right, please.

Apart from the park photos I got some other green things for my collection, too.
A great bonus was catching that family lost in the background. ;)

And this lady in front of the toilets trying to find her way.
Nice levels of action in this one, too I think.

This was just plain weird. This man stood here for several minutes just staring in the horizon.
People passed him, took photos of the square, a cleaner sweeped by, tourists bumped into him, and there he stood. Then all of a sudden in a quiet lull he snapped out of it, look at me and walked away. That's the beauty of London for you. :)

My favourite from today was this beautiful couple having words in the middle of the square. Lucky for me he was wearing this pullover, too. Couples in public are fascinating topic for me. It all started by accident, unconsciously, me photographing them, but now that I'm more aware of my pull for them I like catching those moments that "make" being with someone so special. His passiveness is excellent in this particular photo. A classic couple stereotype enacted right in front of my eyes. :)

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2 Comments on “April showers”

  1. Bill says:

    I love the "ladies" shot, Suzy. You're right. Lots of wonderful action in that shot.

  2. Crush-Monkey says:

    Love your Trafalgar Sq photos! : )

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