rain rain go away

What a long, grey and miserable Saturday it has been today. We've taken a little step backwards here in London in welcoming the spring time. The only good thing about right now is the mid-season sales, like the one I went for in Ikea this morning at 8am. :) Totally worth the early start! After I got home hauling my stuff back home I nipped over to South Bank to see if I can catch some more green action, but the rain caught me out.

At least I got to get a bit more creative with the weather instead of just standing there under the shelter waiting for the water stop coming down from the skies. I really loved these three photos together as a little abstract series.

This is one of the two green photos I got today.
For me this was more of the green concept than the colour.
You know, make a difference to the environment by cycling for example.
Yeah I know, a bit far fetched, but I like the message. ;)

This was the second green photo I got today.
There's something about the old men freezing still in London at the moment.
This is the second one I've caught in a week.
But the weirdness didn't stop here…

… a second later from taking that first frame this happened!
I have no idea where it came from and where it went, but it makes a great photo! :)

I have about a week and a bit to go and some eight photos to source from somewhere to complete the theme, so stay tuned. I'm sure there will be a little last minute panic going on about the Project Rainbow this month, for a change. ;)

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One Comment on “rain rain go away”

  1. uccloud9 says:

    i just wanted to say that i love your photos!

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