lost in the city

London is the greatest city to get lost in. I got off at Moorgate last night and just started walking around in the City of London. It was a lovely night and in couple of hours I'd ended up via Fenchurch Street and Aldgate to the Tower of London by accident. Scrambling together more green photos I saw some great things…

There are a lot of nice details around you anywhere you go, just keep your eyes open.

One of my favourite photos from yesterday.
His expression is so lovely and infectious.

It seemed to be some national mobile phone loving day yesterday…

At least some had time to have a smoke before playing with their mobile. ;)

I hadn't been to the Tower of London for years. It's funny how things just look and feel familiar before you realise that you have been there before. Just after this photo Graham Norton turned that corner behind that family with his two dogs. I was a little bit star struck, but he was very cool about it (and on his mobile!). :)

Yes, The Tower Bridge. Very touristy. Very London.
But something I liked, especially in B&W.

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