What are last minutes for?! I've just uploaded my last two photos to my orange set for the Project Rainbow. This completes my fifth month doing the project which is quite incredible. Not a word about time flying in this entry though. ;) It's been a while since I've done anything photography-wise. This is for the simple reason that May has just been one busy month! Most of all work has effected my energy and inspiration levels by just being soul destroyingly stressful and busy. Also there has been a little period of bereavement after having to give the 5D back to Marianne. *sigh*

But – I've kicked my photography butt today and managed to sort out my long-neglected portfolio, order some prints of some of my personal favourite photos this year in prints (photobox.co.uk is just the best!) and even went out to finish a roll of Fuji 800Z film that's been sitting in my Holga 35mm for ages. So, finally I have something new to share with you, be it only four photos. I've quickly scanned these today from prints which really takes away from the sharpness and depth of colour from the originals. I really have to redo the scans from negs, but was so excited to have some new stuff so couldn't wait…

I was mostly by the South Bank today.
If you have a look at this in the larger version I hope you see what I saw. ;)

The Hayward Gallery is having this amazing Psycho Buildings exhibition on at the moment. It looks incredible just from the outside, let alone the stories I've heard. Apparently there is a lake at the top terrace where you can go have a little rowing boat out. How cool is that?

You know it's summer in London when the lawn comes out in front of the National Theatre. This year they've pushed their own boat out and made it into this incredible looking outdoor living room. It really is endless fun, especially photo-wise.

This is my favourite photo from today.
What couples do best. I just love catching moments like this.
The 35mm Holga also comes into force in this in a lovely way.
It's a shame the scan really does no justice to the original. :P

Next month is all about the colour blue for me. I'm going to have a bit of an easy ride, because I already have ten photos in the set, so I'm literally half way there. It's a bit obvious maybe from the speed I do certain colours which ones are my favourites… ;) The plan is to do some more film stuff in June, too, so it should be too long before I have something new to show you. Until then!

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Orange Monday

Today is a Bank Holiday Monday in England and I have this whole week off from work. Suddenly as I start my holiday the summer magically starts, too. I can't believe it! It was such a lovely day out today and me and my new boyfriend called Canon 5D (don't tell Marianne!) went out for a wonderful fun filled date.

We started off in one of my favourite places in London. I wanted to show my new boo all the places that make me and London click. There was the usual amount of entertainment going on as you can see. We had such a laugh watching this man's show, as did the other people.

What I love about the 5D is that our relationship is less confusing than this man has with his little cutie by the looks of it. ;)

I am still in love with the wide angle opportunities, but I did tone it down a bit today. There is such thing as too much of a good thing… But we get on like house on fire. It's such a shame he has to go home soon…

From Covent Garden we went across to China Town and to my favourite shop in London.
This couple made us smile. Their friend was late meeting them by the gate by the looks it.

From China Town to Piccadilly Circus and a nice coffee around the corner.
There were so many people out enjoying the beautiful weather.
Sun seems to bring the best mood out of everyone.

I seem to be in smoker central at the moment…
This is dedicated to my dear friend René and his quit smoking campaign! :D

We strolled through Green Park, which is even more green than last month…

… and full of beautiful people reading.

We ended the day at Trafalgar Square, like so many people.

It really was a wonderful London day out today.

And we caught a lot of orange things, too.

Next thing I'll be doing is helping my friend Caroline move and after I've recovered from that I'm off to Finland for a few days to celebrate my birthday a bit prematurely with my family and friends. I hope you're well and that the summer is catching up with you too wherever you are. ;)

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New month, new colour! It was nice to get over the green themed photos of April. For some reason I found green a bit of an uninspiring colour, but I think I have some nice photos in the series. May means ORANGE, and I had some photos already waiting to be added to that series, so I added those on Flickr, along with some blue and purple photos in their own series as well while I was at it. Although the most exciting thing about starting a new theme yesterday was the fact that I got to borrow my friend Marianne's 5D! Seriously, I want to marry that camera.

I popped my 28-75mm lens on it yesterday as I went over to Tate Britain to see the amazing Peter Doig exhibition. Look at this wide angle goodness. Mmmm, wide angle! Actually, I went a bit wide angle mad yesterday, just because I could. :D

It's so great to be able to fit in everything in the frame, if you want.

Traffic rules of London. I got some nice photos for my run series yesterday, too.
It's been a while since people have been dashing around in my presence.
Or maybe it's only a summer thing, dashing?

I was standing again in this spot on the South Bank mesmerized by the power of wide angle. :D It's a nice spot actually for a great London background as well as for people going by. The afternoon was shadowed by rain showers, as you can see. I thought this was a nice green to orange transitional photo.

The South Bank book market is a great place to shelter from the showers.
Luckily she was also wearing orange. :)

This was my favourite photo from the day. I really, really am in love with this camera. Marianne might have to kill me for me to be able to give it back to her. :D I love the man in yellow in the background btw, it really makes this photo for me. ;)

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