New month, new colour! It was nice to get over the green themed photos of April. For some reason I found green a bit of an uninspiring colour, but I think I have some nice photos in the series. May means ORANGE, and I had some photos already waiting to be added to that series, so I added those on Flickr, along with some blue and purple photos in their own series as well while I was at it. Although the most exciting thing about starting a new theme yesterday was the fact that I got to borrow my friend Marianne's 5D! Seriously, I want to marry that camera.

I popped my 28-75mm lens on it yesterday as I went over to Tate Britain to see the amazing Peter Doig exhibition. Look at this wide angle goodness. Mmmm, wide angle! Actually, I went a bit wide angle mad yesterday, just because I could. :D

It's so great to be able to fit in everything in the frame, if you want.

Traffic rules of London. I got some nice photos for my run series yesterday, too.
It's been a while since people have been dashing around in my presence.
Or maybe it's only a summer thing, dashing?

I was standing again in this spot on the South Bank mesmerized by the power of wide angle. :D It's a nice spot actually for a great London background as well as for people going by. The afternoon was shadowed by rain showers, as you can see. I thought this was a nice green to orange transitional photo.

The South Bank book market is a great place to shelter from the showers.
Luckily she was also wearing orange. :)

This was my favourite photo from the day. I really, really am in love with this camera. Marianne might have to kill me for me to be able to give it back to her. :D I love the man in yellow in the background btw, it really makes this photo for me. ;)

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