Orange Monday

Today is a Bank Holiday Monday in England and I have this whole week off from work. Suddenly as I start my holiday the summer magically starts, too. I can't believe it! It was such a lovely day out today and me and my new boyfriend called Canon 5D (don't tell Marianne!) went out for a wonderful fun filled date.

We started off in one of my favourite places in London. I wanted to show my new boo all the places that make me and London click. There was the usual amount of entertainment going on as you can see. We had such a laugh watching this man's show, as did the other people.

What I love about the 5D is that our relationship is less confusing than this man has with his little cutie by the looks of it. ;)

I am still in love with the wide angle opportunities, but I did tone it down a bit today. There is such thing as too much of a good thing… But we get on like house on fire. It's such a shame he has to go home soon…

From Covent Garden we went across to China Town and to my favourite shop in London.
This couple made us smile. Their friend was late meeting them by the gate by the looks it.

From China Town to Piccadilly Circus and a nice coffee around the corner.
There were so many people out enjoying the beautiful weather.
Sun seems to bring the best mood out of everyone.

I seem to be in smoker central at the moment…
This is dedicated to my dear friend René and his quit smoking campaign! :D

We strolled through Green Park, which is even more green than last month…

… and full of beautiful people reading.

We ended the day at Trafalgar Square, like so many people.

It really was a wonderful London day out today.

And we caught a lot of orange things, too.

Next thing I'll be doing is helping my friend Caroline move and after I've recovered from that I'm off to Finland for a few days to celebrate my birthday a bit prematurely with my family and friends. I hope you're well and that the summer is catching up with you too wherever you are. ;)

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2 Comments on “Orange Monday”

  1. mathilde says:

    Your photos are making me itch to get back to London again!

  2. Crush-Monkey says:

    Look at all the people out and about enjoying the weather! AWESOME!

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