blonde moments

Gosh, what a couple weeks it has been! I lost the control over my computer over some silly trojan business and didn't have a chance to fix it until yesterday by wiping out my whole hard drive and windows. This meant that I'm a bit delayed posting some photos from the past week+ among other things. Also, after announcing this month's colour to be blue, it turns out it's not! After shooting couple weeks of more blue things I realised I should be focusing on all things purple instead. Ah, I refuse to panic in the midst of another blonde moment. It is summer after all. ;)

Last Sunday was a perfect summer's day in fact. I spent it at Spitalfields with my friends Caroline and Jo, shopping, soaking up the sun and having great lunch and later some drinks. I wish every day would be like last Sunday actually. Spitalfields is one of my favourite parts of London and even though it's changed a lot in the past five years or so has remained quite charming. The Sunday market is also great.

Being in that part of London always throws some fashion victims/fashionistas your way, as above. ;) I love his shoes!

One of the "error" blue photos I took a week ago.
One of my fav blue photos actually…

Today I ventured out to Tate Modern. As it is Father's Day in UK, it was surprisingly quiet and I got to enjoy the place without the usual weekend hassle. There is also a great exhibition going on called Street&Studio – Urban History of Photography. Highly recommended (also by this man)!

Part of the exhibition is participation in a way of being able to create your own graffiti and street art outside of Tate Modern. This guy was going at it BIG style. ;)

… and these girls were being all cute about it. :)

The light inside the Turbine Hall is always inspiring. This Lost+Blue pair fell into my hands in one the nice light spots. Nice!

And this guy waited kindly texting by the aubergine coloured wall for me and project rainbow. :D
This is one of my favourite photos from today. It combines so many of my favourite things in one shot.

This was funny thing to come across in my contact sheet from today.
Grass is always greener on the other side, eh? :D

So for the rest of the month I'm going to be concentrating on reading all the instructions more carefully. And focusing on purple! By the way, as you can see I made the photos in this post XL-size, what do you think? Better?

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