Saturday at South Bank

It's not been much of a summer here in London this year. One of the reasons I'm really looking forward to my summer holiday away in the end of the month actually. But the changeable weather has given a cloud lover like myself some stunning photo opportunities (like above). And despite the cool-ish weather there were plenty people around today to help me pull my socks up with the colour purple…

Like these girls hanging about waiting for… something.
I love the odd one out. Only dead fish go with the flow, right? :D

Some people come with their own subtitles…

And some people are too cool for school. The low tide makes life by the Thames a real beach.

It might have been the length of the queue to get on the London Eye that shocked her.
It's pretty long on July Saturdays. Trust me. :)

It's better to enjoy the sound installation Volume by the Royal Festival Hall.
The annual fountain is back too, no cliché photos by it today though. ;)

  Instead another cliché – photographers taking photos of other photographers.
Lovely. ;) This is by the graffiti street behind Waterloo station. Stunning art, go see it!

Let's finish with hugs all around today!
Summer + love = London. ;)

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3 Comments on “Saturday at South Bank”

  1. Crush-Monkey says:

    The first photo of the clouds is awesome! It doesn't look hot there. I recently returned from 10 days in Rome and it was over 90 degrees every day!

  2. CliffhangerB says:

    Great set of pics! Love the second and third ones. :)

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