Oh man! I finally completed the purple colour set for Project Rainbow! It's taken me two months, and I'm not too proud of the fact. But I went out yesterday afternoon to St Paul's and Tate Modern with my camera with cut throat attitude that I will get my last five photos before I go off on my holiday, and I have to say purple karma was very good. I on the other hand for the first time in a long time was a bit timid about taking photos in certain situations. Don't know what that was about…

St Paul's is great. I love going for a coffee around this area just for the architecture and people watching.

Managed to get a double shot of someone lost and wearing purple. Snaps like these always give a little more satisfaction. I think my best combo this far has been three themes in one photo. :)

Mobile phones. The modern noise pollution…

I got couple great photos from this spot, but this was my favourite one.Very cool London indeed. ;)

This is one of my favourite spots to take photos in London, too. In all the years I've found a few backdrops where interesting photos always emerge. Really lovely layers and interesting mix of people walked into this one yesterday.

Time for the personal favourites… I really loved how these two men mirrored each other without even knowing.
What was that thing I said about modern noise pollution earlier? :D

Summer on the South Bank. The best place to be, in so many ways. :)
This is of course the opposite of this original.

A super lighting effect by the Sun! I love this bubble so much it's not right. :D
I also love how the woman at the bottom is lit up when the guy at the top is scratching his head, almost thinking "how'd she do that?" :D

And now that purple is complete I can start my holidays with a clear conscience. I'm off to Finland and Estonia for a bit with my cameras. I really have fallen in love with that Fuji 800Z colour film I've been shooting most of my 35mm Holga photos this summer. There is no comparison for it in colour saturation! So, I have some in my bags to take with me, and I hope to complete the blue set either during or just after my holidays. After all it's only five photos to go to complete the whole project. Scary! :)

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2 Comments on “complete+holiday”

  1. CliffhangerB says:

    Another awesome set! Congrats on finishing the purples.
    Have fun in Finland and Estonia, I look forward to seeing your pics from your holiday. :)

  2. Crush-Monkey says:

    LOVE your photos!
    Have a great vacation! : )

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