Brick Lane

The City of London is such a different place during the weekends. I like to take my camera out there on both business days and the weekends. The area has such a great double life. I was down there today especially, and got a bit distracted by the shops on Brick Lane to take any photos per se, but managed to slowly get into the swing of things around Spitalfields and Liverpool Street.

It's a glorious summer day today in London and everybody was enjoying the weather.

(a good book was an optional companion)

Really loved the reflection of this cyclist talking to the shop girls,
and by chance there were more people on bikes to be caught in this spot.
One of my favourite shots from today. :)

British sense of humour. CCTV cameras are everywhere in London.
Honestly. Just keep your eyes open, because someone else will be watching.
Even the pond life. :)

Not everyone seemed to be enjoying the day as much as others though.
Coffee to solve all problems, I say.

Eh, yes. Another photographer. You know how I feel about them. :D

More people running (for the series), this time with stripes to match.

Very cute moment. Daddy's flip flops were very fascinating…

And I feel back on form stalking couples on the streets of London.
Well, not really stalking. It's just what some friends call my street photography hobby.
Sometimes rightly so. But I'm going to leave you with this lovely moment, 'till next time! :)

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end of the rainbow

Blatantly I have been in denial about the near end of the Project Rainbow. It has occupied and inspired me this year to take colour themed photographs in and out of London and today is the day I can say that I have completed the seven sets of 20 photos. It feels slightly hollow and strange to be sitting here and realise it really is the end of the rainbow. Now where is my pot of gold? :D Before I show you today's photos let me share you some photos from Brighton where I was last weekend with my sister.

Brighton is called "London by the sea" and it certainly lives up to this name. I hadn't been for a long time and my sister came with me for the first time so we did the really touristy Brighton things and hung mostly at the beach and the Pier. I first came to Brighton when I was 14 and the Pier was the coolest thing ever. ;)

Especially the fun fair – arcade part of it still captures my inner teenager. I'm glad I'm not the only one that takes these things seriously. I can so relate to how this man is feeling playing this game. It's one of my favourite British things actually, but we didn't have a go. Just for the sanity of both me and my sister. :D FTW!

One of the funniest things we saw that day were these boys playing by the beach, just a stone's throw away from the Pier and the amusements. They obviously thought it would be more fun to see which one of them can run around that barricade without getting wet. Although I think getting soaked by the sea was part of the fun in the end. ;)

And as for today. I took a nice long walk from Piccadilly to South Bank. Today is a public holiday, or Bank Holiday if you want to be all British, and the weather was OK-ish for some street photography. I really need to start getting into an autumn routine with my photography as well and start taking more night time shots. Something I always say in autumn and then chicken out. :P

I love the contradiction in this so much. The first photo I took today
and I couldn't have been happier with the start I had. ;)

I have no idea what was going on with these two or on the ground. Just makes a great moment for me to add to my blue collection. I actually find taking photos at Leicester Square really hard – too many people and not enough background interest going on. A total opposite to this shot actually.

And here it is, the last blue photo and the last photo of the Project Rainbow. I loved how these two men juxtapose with each other. And you can't beat a blue t-shirt leaning on the blue wall. I'm quite content how the series turned out. Some colours were mentally really hard for me, but I'm glad I'm all done now. Actually, I'm thinking of adding some "unofficial" themes to the Project so let's see how that works out. I really want something to carry me to the end of the year and then ideally start a new project for 2009.

This is about wanting to tell some more stories with my photos. Something a friend said last night struck me about my usual approach to the street. I'm now trying to make more effort in not excluding individuals from their surroundings (yeah, let's see how long that lasts :D) and make and effort to give a bit more flavour of London with the photos… like in the above photo.

Tourism is hard work you know! ;)

My favourite photo from today. Not bad for 50mm in my opinion, although I can't wait to start rocking some proper full frame wide angle on the streets of London as I've booked tickets to New York for November and the Christmas present plan is a Canon 5D. Can't wait, for either actually. It'll be my first time in the US and New York especially. :)

I popped in the Royal Festival Hall to use the facilities and they had this ballroom dancing performace (?competition) going on. The audience was really… thrilled. I would be if I was drinking at lunch time, too. ;)

It's the last day of the Psycho Buildings exhibition at Hayward Gallery. The queue was loooong.
Just liked the frame in a frame setting here. I think that could be another theme/project for next year.
Very old skool street photography theme-wise actually. ;)

And that my darlings is it for not only the Project Rainbow but for the photos from today.
Time for me to veg out and have a little nap myself in front of the TV me thinks. ;)

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can’t steal happiness

London feels like an odd place to be at the moment. I arrived back home last night from my holidays in Finland and Estonia and it's taking me longer than usual to get back into the swing of things in the big city. It's almost unheard of. Usually after a week away I'm itching to get back to the energy, but not this time. It might be because I had such a lovely, relaxing time – and just look how beautiful it was in Tallinn (above)! Being back in London also means it's time to get back to work soon and the mountains of laundry don't help. :P

My process of unwinding started somewhere above Denmark.
For once I wasn't seated by the wings where I can never take any good photos.
Thank you British Airways online check in!

Quite soon after arriving I headed to Tallinn in Estonia for three days.
The weather couldn't have been more perfect.
Tallinn is such a beautiful city in the summer, too.
Please visit now before it gets ruined by the overwhelming tourist waves.

They are already coming… ;)

If you do ever get a chance to go, make sure you ride on the trams and find your way to the Kadriorg Park.
The trams themselves are an experience, but the park is beautiful, it's the original grounds of the Kadriorg Palace.

Just mind how you go… :)

On the other side of Kadriorg is the KUMU art museum.
Another great reason to leave the cheap beer and beautiful Old Town behind for a bit.

Did I mention the weather was perfect? :)

The nicest way to get there is by a cruiser from Helsinki.
The Finnish archipelago itself is worth the ride.

The great weather continued on the Finnish side, too.
I spent some more time relaxing in the sun, especially eating and drinking well, on the home front.
And I've come home with a quite a nice tan as a result.

The furthest I ventured in Finland was really just some really nice cafés and the railway museum.

And that about sums it all up. :)
A lot of pretty pictures, a lot of lovely memories.
I actually travelled with only my Holga and Olympus Pen-EE half frame camera with me on my holidays.
It was great to dedicate all the holiday photos on film only. Somehow it makes it feel more authentic.

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