Brick Lane

The City of London is such a different place during the weekends. I like to take my camera out there on both business days and the weekends. The area has such a great double life. I was down there today especially, and got a bit distracted by the shops on Brick Lane to take any photos per se, but managed to slowly get into the swing of things around Spitalfields and Liverpool Street.

It's a glorious summer day today in London and everybody was enjoying the weather.

(a good book was an optional companion)

Really loved the reflection of this cyclist talking to the shop girls,
and by chance there were more people on bikes to be caught in this spot.
One of my favourite shots from today. :)

British sense of humour. CCTV cameras are everywhere in London.
Honestly. Just keep your eyes open, because someone else will be watching.
Even the pond life. :)

Not everyone seemed to be enjoying the day as much as others though.
Coffee to solve all problems, I say.

Eh, yes. Another photographer. You know how I feel about them. :D

More people running (for the series), this time with stripes to match.

Very cute moment. Daddy's flip flops were very fascinating…

And I feel back on form stalking couples on the streets of London.
Well, not really stalking. It's just what some friends call my street photography hobby.
Sometimes rightly so. But I'm going to leave you with this lovely moment, 'till next time! :)

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2 Comments on “Brick Lane”

  1. Nice set. makes me want to visit london more that I already do currently. :)

  2. Crush-Monkey says:

    Looks like a wonderful time to be in London! Amazing photos! Thank you as always for sharing! : )

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