rainbow candy

Here's a little treat for you all – a selection of my favourite photos from my Project Rainbow. I ended up going through a bulk of my photos from this year last week and for the first time went back through all the sets. There are some sweet things there, so here they are. Colour by colour. :)

This was in Paris in January. I had just started the whole project and the next thing I know I'm standing in front of a bookshop capturing something like this. It was a great start and one of my absolute favourites in the whole project.

This supermarket is in my neighbourhood and taught me a lesson about having a camera with you at all times at the ready. You never know what's around the corner. I wish I had caught the suitcase he was sitting on better, but it's still a great, colourful moment this.

The photos in my pink set are quite level headed. There are some pretty and some pretty average photos in it. This is probably the most successful one street photography-wise. The pink set was the first set I completed in a record time. It was very obvious which were my favourite colours to shoot actually by looking at the time I spent getting the set ready. ;)

The green set on the other hand was one of the hardest and uninspiring ones for me. This photo from Soho in London is a great shot for me. I love the mirroring in the Puma and the lady. It was such a strange place for her to stand and crouch like this, until I realised she was struggling to open the green shutters.

Orange was another hard colour for me in the project, but funnily it's hard to choose a favourite for there seem to be quite a few of them within the set. Funny how that worked out! This probably makes the grade just for the nice motion, transition of colours (green to orange) and the fact that I got to take it with the Canon 5D. :D

There are other favourites in my purple set, but this one really makes me happy. The whole wall on this floor in Tate Modern (I think it's the 3rd floor) is this rich aubergine colour. Having someone in orange stand next to it was project rainbow heaven for me. I think there are these lovely colour transition accidents all over the sets. Uncanny, eh? ;)

I took this blue photo well before I tackled the blue set in the end of the summer. This couple so kindly stood in all their blueness by this gorgeous wall panelling in the British Museum earlier in the year. How could I resist? I think I ended up filling the blue set quite by default during the year, so in the end there were only few photos for me to take in the months allocated to it.

So, there you have them. My Project Rainbow colour highlights.
Did you have any I missed out? :)

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One Comment on “rainbow candy”

  1. Crush-Monkey says:

    These are all amazing. My fave is the lotus blue! Great colors! : )

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