my everyday life

For the past week or so I have been recording some details and rituals of my life for a little macro project. It has been interesting to stop and think in much smaller scale about things I have been photographing. It's also been a challenge to try to get something interesting documented of the mundane every day routines.

There are very pretty and interesting things around me however. What has become
a common theme in just a week has been how different light plays a role in the details around me.

If you click on the photos they will take you through to my flickr pages where
I've written down some details about the things I have shot this far.

I'm going to try and keep up this little documentary for a month or so,
although I'm travelling in between October and November. Let's see how that fits in…

I've just become fascinated about the small details around me, everywhere, when I'm out now.
And I'm totally missing the "bigger picture". It's been great. :)

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To spice up my approach to photography post-Project Rainbow I managed to convince one of my favourite photographer friends to do a little collaboration with me in September – October. So, my beloved Holga travelled to Berlin, Germany and then back to me to London as we double exposed a black&white film in both cities as a little experiment. The results were quite random and stunning!

Some photos have great depth and layers that peel away with every viewing.

Some are less double exposed, but have interesting effects indeed.

And some were just experimentally random and randomly beautiful. :)

Great collaboration and hopefully inspirational enough for us to try this again some time soon.

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last days of the summer

One of the things I really enjoy about living in London is how far the summer streches, when it wants to. My last days of the summer 2008 were spent in and around Twickenham couple weekends ago. No cricket for me though.

Nor feeding any birds by the Thames either…

… but good coffee, lovely muffins and a great friend were included that afternoon.
Giving some iso1600 film a run for its money here. Just look at that lovely grain. :)

And not giving much run for its money here…
Kids – don't get your camera out after a night on the champagne.
You might end up creating some art! Like I did here. :D

Although, I really am loving my 35mm Holga. It's done a good job all summer, but now its big sister is back from its little trip to continental Europe it's time to get back into some square format, too.

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