New York City monochrome

I finally got my black&white rolls developed from the NYC trip! Time post-holiday has been really busy, especially at work, but here we are. I still have a roll of colour film to finish and develop, so you'll have to wait for part II. But why wait any longer? :) Here's the Manhattan skyline seen from the Staten Island ferry. My 35mm Holga is having some winding problems, so this got double exposed by accident. Quite like the effect though.

One of my favourites places we visited during the long weekend.
I took this photo with my camera phone, too (see previous NYC post below),
but somehow this looks more timeless and elegantly New York.
I love those view/binocular things so much!

I'm gutted I didn't have a chace to take a similar shot to this of the Flatiron Building.
Maybe next trip! :) I just would love to have those two as a pair together.
 As you can see there is a little non-street photography theme emerging as well.
During the trip I had hardly any time to myself let alone a chance to focus on any street action,
hence the more touristy approach. Maybe next trip, eh! :D

What I also learned on this trip is that the half frame camera just doesn't like it when the sun goes down. :(
These night time photos have a lovely atmosphere nevertheless. I just would have liked some of the shots to have a bit more sharpness. Especially these ones taken from top of the Empire State Building.

This double frame is my favourite photo from the trip though. Not near as perfect as I'd like,
but for me it captures something very authentic from the experience and holiday we had.
Very New York, very amazing! :)

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in the meanwhile on the old continent

Before I get the rest of the NY photos developed I found these BW shots on one of the rolls.

I seem to have snapped a few photos in Paris when I visited in October.
It was my second time there this year. It's quite amazing how much travel I've packed in to 2008!

Paris is such a beautiful and always elegant city to visit.
And the coffee there is the best in the world. Hands down. :)

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I <3 NY

Our four and a bit days in New York City were magnificent.
Really. Magnificent.

There was such a strange sense of familiarity with everything.

I suppose that's what a lifetime of over-exposure by TV and movies can do to you. :D

The weather couldn't have been better either.
And everything was much cleaner, easier and safer than I imagined.

I snapped these photos with my Nokia N73 phone, most of the "real" photos are on film.
When I get them developed I'll share some more special moments I had with the Big Apple.

But for now, you know where to find me if I ever get bored with London. ;)

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