I <3 NY

Our four and a bit days in New York City were magnificent.
Really. Magnificent.

There was such a strange sense of familiarity with everything.

I suppose that's what a lifetime of over-exposure by TV and movies can do to you. :D

The weather couldn't have been better either.
And everything was much cleaner, easier and safer than I imagined.

I snapped these photos with my Nokia N73 phone, most of the "real" photos are on film.
When I get them developed I'll share some more special moments I had with the Big Apple.

But for now, you know where to find me if I ever get bored with London. ;)

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6 Comments on “I <3 NY”

  1. I was last in NYC about 3 years ago…and I was really surprised at how clean and safe it was! I even took the subway at 2am and wasn't bothered. I look forward to seeing your pictures, I love your photography.

  2. Crush-Monkey says:

    Are these really camera phone pictures?! WOW!!

  3. pebaline says:

    It's was such a pleasant surprise to find out how clean, safe and easy things really were. After living in London for ten years I was prepared for much worse. :D Thank you so much for your lovely support!

  4. pebaline says:

    Yes dear, they are all taken with my Nokia. Best mobile phone in the world. ;) I've been really happy with the quality of my photos I can take with it so much so that my compact digital camera is now totally redundant. :D

  5. Crush-Monkey says:

    WOW!! You can't take a bad photo even with a phone!!

  6. Jimmy says:

    great. very colorful!

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