the usual plans and reflections for this time of year


Here we are, at the end of another year. 2008 seems to have gone by very quickly, and partly I'm very glad about that. It's not been the easiest of 12 months in many ways and the coming year looms over me even more frighteningly. But I'm trying to keep positive and brace myself for what I at least know is coming ahead. The scariest things are about changes going on in my work, one the biggest being our office moving. There is also a slight chance I might have to move house as well, but that is not certain. Not knowing is what is stressing me out a bit at the end of this year.

I suppose this is also a good chance to take some time to reflect on the past 12 months, too. The time seems to have gone by very quickly. I feel as I didn't achieve anything major, so there are just little things to celebrate this year. The best thing about this past year was being able to travel as much as I did. I went to Paris – twice, Helsinki a few times, Tallinn, Bergen and New York. Oh, New York. One of the plans I've already made for next year is that if I'm not moving in 2009 I have decided to go back to New York. Sorry London - I still love you, but I have to go back! :)

Otherwise the small resolutions for 2009 include going to the theatre more, being more open to new things and actually making a conscious effort to try new things. I also want to use my snooze button on my alarm less and go out to take more photos. That's a bit of a given, but thinking back the past year photography-wise the Project Rainbow was a great success. As soon as it ended though I fell into a little bit of a rut and was coasting towards the end of the year. So, more effort is needed in the coming year! I did make a decision to shoot all my holidays on film this past year, which I stuck to and it was great. I have also decided to go back to the darkroom in the new year to do some of my own prints again and print my photos more anyways. It's so nice to properly see and hold photographs in my hands. But in general, more photos in 2009, I promise. :)

With all this, I wish you a happy new year 2009!

May it be a prosperous, beautiful and exciting journey for us all!

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Memories & Souvenirs

I've put together a calendar for the New Year 2009. It's a collection of my film photography from this past year. All photos in the calendar are taken with my Holga or my Olympus Pen-EE half frame camera. The calendar is on sale at my DeviantART account. You can preview the months by following the link (and it does not oblige you to buy!) The calendars and prints at DeviantART are of excellent quality and at the moment they are running a 20% discount on all calendars! This means the price is currently only $20!

DeviantART ships worldwide and I can warmly recommend them having used them myself often in the past four years. Any support is welcome to keep me in more film and enable me to afford to go into the darkroom in the New Year! :)

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New York City technicolour


Here it is, the last of the New York photos. Boy did it take a while to get my act together and finish some rolls of film! It's almost unheard of! Usually I burn through them like no tomorrow. :D But yes, here are the last "best of" pictures and then it's back to normal aka idling and doing some silly macro shots of my everyday life.


I really miss New York actually, I can't believe it's been a month already since we were there. A lovely lovely autumn day in Central Park would be a great antidote to the rain and cold of London. I have been on the snow watch all this week here, but this far it's only been coming down everywhere else in England and Scotland.


Yes, and the touristy approach continues in these photos, too. This is the John Lennon memorial at Strawberry Fields in Central Park. It was quite amazing to be standing in front of the Dakota building where he got shot, too. And to know Yoko Ono still lives on the (whole of the) 7th floor.


My poor little 35mm Holga is having some hiccups. The film isn't winding properly always, so I got some really sweet overlaps and double exposures like this from my film. This is probably one of my favourite photos of the whole year. :)

But yes, now it's back to normal. I have no idea if I'll find any time or energy to do some London street photography before Christmas, so don't hold your breath. Otherwise I'm sure to come and say hello before we're into 2009 at least! :)

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