follow the light

It was a beautiful winter day today in London and I felt (finally) inspired to go out and take some London photos.

I headed out to the South Bank, my second home.
It's also a good place to start with street photography after a little hiatus.

I felt very inspired by the light. It was so nice to have the sun come out today.
For all week it's been so grey, grey, grey and I've missed the low winter light.

Today really was about light and reflections. And gaining some confidence again behind the camera.

So, I shot everything and anything. From people waiting for each other…

… to people watching each other…

… to people just being people. And boys being boys. :)

It was a relaxed and quite a successful day in many ways.
I had a good time. People were having a good time.
There was no queue to the London Eye.
But it wasn't quite warm enough for shorts though. Although yes, girls were in skirts…
Go figure why it feels weird to see guys in shorts when it's OK for girls to get their legs out in the winter.

This is one of my favourites from today.
I think I rambled on about the narratives in photos some time last year.
This is a serious attempt at that…

And this might be a new series, perhaps.
The back seat of the bus.
A great place to catch people off guard, being themselves.
That's a good motto for this year in photography actually, too.
Catching people being themselves…

Oh, and then there was this moment.
Sometimes it's worth being out all day just to catch that one photo.
Like this. :)

And with that end, we have now officially opened the photo season 2009. ;)

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