snow snow snow oh

Snow is not that common in London. It comes and very quickly goes maybe twice a winter, but lo-and-behold it started coming down last night like never before and this morning we woke up to a serious winter wonderland! I was ecstatic. I'd planned a long weekend off, so today was a day off work anyways (great timing), so I put on layers upon layers of clothing and strapped three cameras on me and off I went this morning to experience proper winter in London!

It was snowing on and off the whole time I was out, and as I'm writing this it's still snowing. We are expecting at least another foot of snow to come overnight and I have taken another day off work tomorrow, just in case. Trust me, public transport does not handle days like this well at all over here. They are just not used to it!

I did a long walk along the South Bank this morning and it was strange in so many ways. The whole city felt magical! I've experienced snow in UK before, but nothing like this. There were not that many people out, and in the morning there were no buses. It was quite eerie!

The schools were closed and people young and old were having a great time along the way. These guys were (re)making a huge snow man right in front of the Tate Modern. I love the guy in the Santa hat. How appropriate! :D

There were more photographers out that I have seen in any national event! Everyone was trying to capture the extraordinary day we were having. There were quite a lot of snow men popping up along the way, too. The snow being the perfect consistency for it. :)

That of course meant a lot of snow balls as well as snow fights. Everyone were having a great time, really! :D

Although some people still ended up doing some work, if they made it in the office.
Or in this woman's case why get to the office when you can do business right in the middle of it all.
It was a quite peculiar day all in all. :D

Peculiar in many ways actually. I've never seen such a sight in London. And everyone was talking to each other as well. And that never happens in London! :D Seems like there's nothing like a good weather story or shared cause of suffering that brings British people more together. :D

Towards lunch time the snow was still coming thick and strong, but at the same time more people were out, which meant the snow got more packed and it just melted quicker. I came home after few hours out with my feet soaking wet. That was no fun at all. I'm just not used to such weather conditions over here! :)

Apart from the snowmen people were getting really creative. This amazing replica of the Houses of Parliament was done by such a nice guy, with the aid of his Oyster card in about 10 minutes. I hope it's still there tomorrow by the London Aquarium. I think it is great! And such a London thing to do on a day like this. :)

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7 Comments on “snow snow snow oh”

  1. Crush-Monkey says:

    I read in the news this morning that the city shut down because of the snow! We could get a foot here in Boston and still be business as usual !
    I am so VERY glad you updated today!! Thank you for sharing. London looks amazing with all that clean snow!!!

  2. LeendaDLL says:

    Your picture got the Explore page [Culture Is Good] this week!

  3. pebaline says:

    Thanks everybody! I'm so honored of being added to the front page. More snow is forecast for tomorrow afternoon, so watch this space! :D

  4. Bookmole says:

    I told em you were good. Never thought they'd listen though! Well Done you!

  5. ed says:

    Your pictures, composition, colour contrasts, subject balance, is fantastic! If i was in the UK now, i would certainly go down to london with my camera. I love the shot of the parliament house in the background with the 'shadow' parliament in the foreground.Thanks for the views!ed

  6. yellow_train says:

    I looked through a lot of posts about this snow. It's quite difficult to understand, because I can't imagine a winter without a snow. Up to this time I didn't know that in the UK (particularly in London) you have holidays if it would come.

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