life as it should be


Here's a little present for you since the spring has sprung here in London and because I'm quite excited about it! :) I can't beliebe it's April on Wednesday! The year is going past quickly, so let's seize the moment. :) This photo was taken by my Nokia N73 cameraphone and made into a calendar with Flickr tools by BigHugeLabs. In other news, I have been shooting some BW film, so it's going to take a wee bit longer to process and get it all posted here. Have a great week everyone! 

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default (sunny) Sunday

London continues to bathe in gorgeous spring sunshine. We have no idea how long this will last, so we are making the most of it. People are out, kids are out, bikes are out, everyone is out enjoying the weather and this gorgeous city.

I wandered about Covent Garden mostly today. It wasn't too busy, as today is Mother's Day in UK (happy mother's day UK mums!), but pleasant enough to work on my narrative approaches in street photography as well as visiting some good old themes – like lost people. ;) (I also love the flow of hands in this!)

I have a (now not so) secret thing about arches in the cityscape. London has a lot of them and my aesthetics are happy. More happiness comes from the perfectly matched steps in this photo. Lucky snap! :)

And more back to the old themes… It's spring time. Romance is in the air. What can I shoot other than couples? It's a bit obvious, almost a default for me now, too. But I still enjoy capturing the interactions between people in love – or as in this one the contrast of couples who have been together a wee while longer. :)

The busy-ness of this scene was appealing.
There was so much going on between everyone.
And of course there's the kiss. ;)
And I got a bottle of free Vitamin Water. Yay for freebies!

Ah, the modern way of doing things… I hope all romance wasn't lost on this boyfriend.

Talk about some other defaults. Not only a couple, but an imposing poster. Could I be more cliché? :D

This is my favourite photo from today. I wish I could take more photos that make you go "What the hell is going on there?". I'm so tired of obvious-pretty-pretty photos, which might be why I am finding it hard to get myself in gear this year with my street photography. Doing something new and challenging is always a 50/50 of looking forward to it against wanting to give up. At the moment I am pulling through to the "looking forward to it" side. ;)

This makes me want to take my Olympus half frame camera out next time. From the contact sheet from today it's quite clear that I enjoy the half frame approach to a lot of things, but when they start to creep up in volume it's time to get the camera best designed for it out to do something about it. :D Trying some other things in this – not perfect, but amusing at least. But that's all what's worth showing from today… I better go wash some dishes now. I've run of things to preoccupy myself with instead of washing them. Damn! :D

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spring reaches South Bank

It didn't take me quite a month to get my camera out again. I'm quite proud of myself, but how could I resist – today was a lovely spring day in London and I headed to South Bank to enjoy the sunshine. Just like half of the other Londoners did. :)

I have wanted to pop into Tate Modern for a while to see what's on and to make full use of my membership,
but it was too nice outside so I didn't stay very long.

Don't think I was the only one wanting to be somewhere else instead… :D

Today was a lot about just observing the world around me and soaking in the warm sunshine.
I took a lot of photos, but for some reason don't feel like uploading too many tonight.
Maybe some other post… it's nothing personal, I promise! :)


I am however enjoying my little backseat project still.
It's quite funny to see something red in each of these photos, too by the way (see previous post!).
How funnily subconscious that is… ;)

Although there is no red in this favourite photo from today.
But that might be because it's monochrome… ;)

And with this I love and you and leave you. I'm so glad spring is well on its way to London!

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slow train moving through the streets of London

OK so I looked at VOX yesterday and realised I haven't posted anything for a month. And the last couple posts have been old photos. Shameful! I have been taking new photos, but since some of them are part of another double exposure experiment on film I've not had anything new to show for a looooong time. Well, until today. :)

It's the end of the financial year in UK and this for me means more than anything using the last few annual leave days I have left before the end of March. As a result I have taken a few long weekend off work the past six weeks, this being one of them. Having a day off meant I could pop out in day light, in normal hours and with good energy levels today. I ambled across Blackfriars Bridge to see what I could find today…

It was a nice sunny day in London. The spring is on its way. But boy was it windy! And boy am I slow doing any street photography.You can tell it's been a while. My compositions are a bit easy or off in most of my photos. I missed some amazing photos today, and all I can do is blame myself. Mostly for not having the time or energy to get out there as much as I'd like to… but you've heard all this before, eh?


I was drawn to a lot of colour and textures today. It almost felt like a rewind to Project Rainbow with majority of my photos today having a strong theme of red in them. :) Not that I mind. The projects I looked to start at the beginning of the year just haven't materialised, so this is all you get. A lot of red! :P

One of the busiest spots in London traffic and he is reading a book. I'm glad I caught this actually. He was like any other person emerged in the story, so didn't mind my fumbling street photography approaches. Actually, it's amazing he didn't even notice me, let alone the traffic. :D

Another funny sight… You could almost call this Romeo and Juliet, just that the lady didn't look up. I was waiting for someone to, but this is as close as it got. At least he does a pretty good impression of Hamlet. :D


Yeah, so I did mention there are a lot of photos with red in them right?

Just wait for the next few ones…

Did I mention in the beginning of the year this obsession of the back seats of the buses? Well, I thought to start making these a proper series this year, so went back to the scene of the crime aka where I took my first few snaps of the back seats. The next one being one of my favourites from today:


What a great reflection! This is a hipshot because the lady was super-suspicious of me before she noticed the view. This is one of the best views in London – across Waterloo Bridge. And if you ever want to save money and not take those silly tourist buses just plan your sightseeing routes on normal London buses with the Transport for London website's great bus/sights map!

Sometimes love is in the smallest moments.
I couldn't resist snapping this mother and daughter walking in front of me today.
Very cute.

And here's the favourite moment/photograph from today. For a just this moment I was quick, in the zone, in the right place and the right time, camera poised and ready as this lady propped her Mac up for two secods to check something and then closed it and poof, she was gone. Made it all worth while the fumbling today. :D

Yeah so, see you next month? Maybe not! I hope to get out there a bit more with my camera(s) now that the days are getting longer, life permitting! :)

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