default (sunny) Sunday

London continues to bathe in gorgeous spring sunshine. We have no idea how long this will last, so we are making the most of it. People are out, kids are out, bikes are out, everyone is out enjoying the weather and this gorgeous city.

I wandered about Covent Garden mostly today. It wasn't too busy, as today is Mother's Day in UK (happy mother's day UK mums!), but pleasant enough to work on my narrative approaches in street photography as well as visiting some good old themes – like lost people. ;) (I also love the flow of hands in this!)

I have a (now not so) secret thing about arches in the cityscape. London has a lot of them and my aesthetics are happy. More happiness comes from the perfectly matched steps in this photo. Lucky snap! :)

And more back to the old themes… It's spring time. Romance is in the air. What can I shoot other than couples? It's a bit obvious, almost a default for me now, too. But I still enjoy capturing the interactions between people in love – or as in this one the contrast of couples who have been together a wee while longer. :)

The busy-ness of this scene was appealing.
There was so much going on between everyone.
And of course there's the kiss. ;)
And I got a bottle of free Vitamin Water. Yay for freebies!

Ah, the modern way of doing things… I hope all romance wasn't lost on this boyfriend.

Talk about some other defaults. Not only a couple, but an imposing poster. Could I be more cliché? :D

This is my favourite photo from today. I wish I could take more photos that make you go "What the hell is going on there?". I'm so tired of obvious-pretty-pretty photos, which might be why I am finding it hard to get myself in gear this year with my street photography. Doing something new and challenging is always a 50/50 of looking forward to it against wanting to give up. At the moment I am pulling through to the "looking forward to it" side. ;)

This makes me want to take my Olympus half frame camera out next time. From the contact sheet from today it's quite clear that I enjoy the half frame approach to a lot of things, but when they start to creep up in volume it's time to get the camera best designed for it out to do something about it. :D Trying some other things in this – not perfect, but amusing at least. But that's all what's worth showing from today… I better go wash some dishes now. I've run of things to preoccupy myself with instead of washing them. Damn! :D

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One Comment on “default (sunny) Sunday”

  1. Crush-Monkey says:

    The black and white photos look like they could be from another era!!

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