showers of petals

 I've been a busy bee these past couple weeks. Not only have I moved office with my whole team at work, struggled to finish that B&W film in my half frame camera, but I also had the honour to assist and be a second photographer for my friend Marianne of Marianne Taylor Photography a week ago Saturday in a gorgeous wedding she needed a little hand with.

Marianne is incredibly talented and since I've known her really supportive of my little photography ventures. It was great fun to be part of the day for the couple and for her. I really got to experience the best of both worlds – my inner romantic got to go to a lovely wedding, with access all areas – and the photographer in me got to shoot people, with permission, access all areas! Perfection! :D

It really was a gorgeous day, but at the same time a steep learning curve. It's made me think a lot about my so-called little ventures in photography as well. Most of all it was great be of help to capture some sweet memories. Shooting weddings is really stressful, as there are no second chances. If you don't get the photo there and then, that's it. Shooting street in a weird way is great practise for capturing those candid moments that happen for only a split second during such an important day. :)

I've come away fulfilled with energy and excitement for what we achieved and what I was able to help Marianne with as the venue was challenging as much as it was gorgeous. If you want to see the whole wedding set please see Marianne's blog for the rest of the photos. I'm sure to add some more here, too but tonight my computer is throwing a tantrum and I'm too tired to continue to fight with it to try and edit some more photos. ;) Hope you enjoy these four favourites though!

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