my monochorme life

Unusually it's taken me a while to shoot this black&white Kodak TMAX 400 film in my Olympus PenEE half frame camera. I could blame the weather, the stresses at work, the other stuff going on in my life -  but let's not go down that road again. :D The important thing is I did manage to finish it, develop it and now is the time to share it with you. On a sidenote, I do think I am still a bit partial to Fuji when it comes to BW film (I <3 Neopan 1600!)

We are deep into spring now and carefully dipping our toes in the pool of early summer already. The atmosphere in London changes this time of the year so much. The whole city is embraced by fresh green which makes people more easy to smile, and everything in general looks so pretty and classic. Apart from the allergies this is one of my favourite times of the year. I enjoy the transformation from grey to vivid colour.

This time of the year is also pushing me to go a bit further away than the usual street photography hunting grounds. I seem to spend half of my photography life on the South Bank (see above *ahem*), so it is time to go anywhere and everywhere in London. It was so much easier couple years ago somehow, so I need to shake myself out of this groove a bit!

It is actually quite incredible that there are still corners of central London I've not found before. There is a lovely little part between the Victoria Embankment and Northumberland Avenue I stumbled upon accidentally couple weeks ago. I bet it is a little candy box of great photos during week days.

Another old favourite hunting ground I've gone back a bit more recently is the Piccadilly/Jermyn Street area. I love the shops and architecture in this old-ish part of central London. And people there are so quintessentially British somehow, between all the tourists. Another little candy box for me. :D

So, I love you and leave you with this personal favourite from the roll. Can I just say that I really do love my little half frame camera! eBay is a great candy box itself for lovely old school analogue cameras. I've got such bargains from there. Which reminds me, I should take my Polaroids out one of these days, too. I think I still have some film in one of them that expired in the 90's. :D

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One Comment on “my monochorme life”

  1. Ishtar says:

    I love these juxtapositions.

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