The scent of jasmine is in the air in London. This for me is the sure sign summer is here.

The other scents wafting about London are not so pleasant… ;)

But before I digress: Today was my last day off from work. I took a mini-break this weekend and had Friday and Monday off, I might have mentioned already. Today I went over to the British Museum. It's one of my favourite haunts in London and most often the first place where I find solace when I am sad or stressed.

There is something about the vast staircases, air of history and scent of the rooms that I find very comforting.

It's a great place to just sit and ponder about the meaning of life…

… or just people watch. These photos are from my favourite part of the British Museum – the Asian wing. This one includes "my Buddha", the one for anyone born on a Monday. I bought a little replica ages ago when travelling in South East Asia and it watches over me at home. It's forever making peace. :)

Other people were enjoying the peace and quiet of the start of the week in the peaceful gaze of other statues.

And then there were the materialistic ones, desperate for a cup of coffee. ;) I love the variety of people's poses and the reflection of the Great Court in the middle window in this photograph. I was so glad there were just the right amount of people in this queue to balance things out.

Being a tourist is hard work you know… I believe true love lies in little moments like this. ;)

Some people find all the energy needed even for the stairs of the Great Court. ;) I haven't been working on my Run theme for ages and caught two photos for it today after a loooong break. Just by chance…

From buddhas to monks… I have no words to add to this actually. :D Just enjoy…

And speaking of abandoned projects and themes… here's one for the Lost-series. The stairs at St Paul's never fail to give me great moments to photograph. I love not only the couple in this, but the birds and the hands in the top right hand corner. Oh, and that face! :D

There was a little lapse to usual territory coming home via St Paul's, but I am sure you can forgive me! For the past week I have been doing my street photography on the Canon 5D body which unfortunately is not mine and needs to go back to its rightful owner. It's bitter-sweet being able to borrow it as I got a taste of the wide-angle goodness again, as well as what the Holga lens for a Canon digital body can do, so parting is such sweet sorrow… But as it is back to work tomorrow I wouldn't have more time to get out this much to take photos in new places anyways. So, until next time! ;)

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my London Bridge

I had a little spurt of street photography yesterday afternoon on my way to London Bridge. The walk along the South Bank that way is quite nice so I had my camera poised. And technically it's not part of my old haunts as I always go the opposite way towards the London Eye during "default days" of street photography. So, I would still count it as chartering new territory. ;)

Londoners in action! Why sit and read when you can catch up on the daily papers this way. Women do this a lot on the tube as well, reading both books and papers. How no one ever bumps into them is a mystery…

The birds went crazy for this street vendor. I love the details of the ninja under the bridge caught in this.

A true Londoner never leaves the house without their umbrella. No matter how hot and sunny it is. ;)

And this is the more elegant way to carry ones umbrella. I love the classic British clichés all over this photograph, including the beige mac. :D This is from Borough Market, a great place to mooch about on a Friday afternoon by the way!

All the flowers in this caught my eye, but since she was at the cash point she was gone in a split second and I couldn't get a better better angle. Great moment nevertheless… that sure is a lot of flowers from one woman to carry on her. :D

London cuteness. ;) She was poised so beautifully by the Thames I couldn't resist…

And that my dears is what I caught in my viewfinder yesterday afternoon. Hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

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Saturday in West London

Today was a little adventure for me as I went over to West London to take some photographs. Part of the shooting street photography in different, more unfamiliar parts of London, is getting me travelling far and wide at the moment. :) Today's route took me by a bus to Notting Hill from where I walked via Queensway to Hyde Park.

Notting Hill is an odd place where odd things happen. :D I popped across Portobello Road as well, but it was too busy and too full of serious tourist cameras for me to enjoy, so I criss-crossed around the back way back to Notting Hill Gate and popped in Starbucks for some refuelling.

I really liked the light and colours at this scene. For some reason this also makes quite melancholic.

I was out with more gear than usual today, too as Marianne was kind enough to lend me her Canon 5D body. I bought a Holga lens modified for a Canon digital camera almost year and a half ago and haven't been able to try it out at all. Since the lens needs a digital body that can do full frame for the full Holga effect (and for the fact I lost the lens for about a year!) it took me until today to do a little test drive.

I'm in two minds about the whole lens to be honest. It's fantastic to be able to shoot Holga photos directly in digital form, there is no doubt about that. But at the same time I feel an awful cheat somehow. And it's just not the same as shooting with film with the real Holga!


Maybe it's just me who needs to get used to the idea and get on with it. I'll certainly take it out for another spin as soon as I can. Today I was juggling the "normal" Canon gear and the Holga lens, and I hate doing street photography in that way. But yes, strange stuff was going on also at Queensway today. ;)

This made me smile. :) I was really lucky to get that moment with that guys foot off the ground – that and the top right hand corner really make this for me.

Hyde Park was full of people enjoying the lovely weather. Tans were topped up, kisses were shared between loved ones and picnics enjoyed by many.

There was also some serious photography going on in the park. I know I had more gear with me than usual, but a tripod? Really? Not this time. :D

  Hyde Park was also having some strange moments. Like this flag of Sweden hung in one of the trees. As a Finnish person this amused me to no end. It's a Finnish thing, believe me. :D

This is my favourite from today. I could identify with this boy very easily. In his age (and still to certain extent today!) I really enjoy the different textures of the landscape, be it urban or rural. Touch is such an awesome sense to have! ;) And as you can see, the Holga lens really has a nice authentic effect in many of these photos. Certainly worth the investment and trouble bringing it along today. :)

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going pro

Well, the title might be a little bit misleading, but I have set up my more "official website" now on the interwebs for the professional purposes. I've started to freelance more formally this year, hence the website. Have a look and let me know what you think! :) It's really exciting and I'm quite proud of what I've been able to achieve in a short period of time with no web design skills whatsoever! :D 

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