Saturday in West London

Today was a little adventure for me as I went over to West London to take some photographs. Part of the shooting street photography in different, more unfamiliar parts of London, is getting me travelling far and wide at the moment. :) Today's route took me by a bus to Notting Hill from where I walked via Queensway to Hyde Park.

Notting Hill is an odd place where odd things happen. :D I popped across Portobello Road as well, but it was too busy and too full of serious tourist cameras for me to enjoy, so I criss-crossed around the back way back to Notting Hill Gate and popped in Starbucks for some refuelling.

I really liked the light and colours at this scene. For some reason this also makes quite melancholic.

I was out with more gear than usual today, too as Marianne was kind enough to lend me her Canon 5D body. I bought a Holga lens modified for a Canon digital camera almost year and a half ago and haven't been able to try it out at all. Since the lens needs a digital body that can do full frame for the full Holga effect (and for the fact I lost the lens for about a year!) it took me until today to do a little test drive.

I'm in two minds about the whole lens to be honest. It's fantastic to be able to shoot Holga photos directly in digital form, there is no doubt about that. But at the same time I feel an awful cheat somehow. And it's just not the same as shooting with film with the real Holga!


Maybe it's just me who needs to get used to the idea and get on with it. I'll certainly take it out for another spin as soon as I can. Today I was juggling the "normal" Canon gear and the Holga lens, and I hate doing street photography in that way. But yes, strange stuff was going on also at Queensway today. ;)

This made me smile. :) I was really lucky to get that moment with that guys foot off the ground – that and the top right hand corner really make this for me.

Hyde Park was full of people enjoying the lovely weather. Tans were topped up, kisses were shared between loved ones and picnics enjoyed by many.

There was also some serious photography going on in the park. I know I had more gear with me than usual, but a tripod? Really? Not this time. :D

  Hyde Park was also having some strange moments. Like this flag of Sweden hung in one of the trees. As a Finnish person this amused me to no end. It's a Finnish thing, believe me. :D

This is my favourite from today. I could identify with this boy very easily. In his age (and still to certain extent today!) I really enjoy the different textures of the landscape, be it urban or rural. Touch is such an awesome sense to have! ;) And as you can see, the Holga lens really has a nice authentic effect in many of these photos. Certainly worth the investment and trouble bringing it along today. :)

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3 Comments on “Saturday in West London”

  1. Crush-Monkey says:

    Beautiful photos! : )

  2. Melissa says:

    Awesome photos! your street photography never fails to impress me! :)

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