The scent of jasmine is in the air in London. This for me is the sure sign summer is here.

The other scents wafting about London are not so pleasant… ;)

But before I digress: Today was my last day off from work. I took a mini-break this weekend and had Friday and Monday off, I might have mentioned already. Today I went over to the British Museum. It's one of my favourite haunts in London and most often the first place where I find solace when I am sad or stressed.

There is something about the vast staircases, air of history and scent of the rooms that I find very comforting.

It's a great place to just sit and ponder about the meaning of life…

… or just people watch. These photos are from my favourite part of the British Museum – the Asian wing. This one includes "my Buddha", the one for anyone born on a Monday. I bought a little replica ages ago when travelling in South East Asia and it watches over me at home. It's forever making peace. :)

Other people were enjoying the peace and quiet of the start of the week in the peaceful gaze of other statues.

And then there were the materialistic ones, desperate for a cup of coffee. ;) I love the variety of people's poses and the reflection of the Great Court in the middle window in this photograph. I was so glad there were just the right amount of people in this queue to balance things out.

Being a tourist is hard work you know… I believe true love lies in little moments like this. ;)

Some people find all the energy needed even for the stairs of the Great Court. ;) I haven't been working on my Run theme for ages and caught two photos for it today after a loooong break. Just by chance…

From buddhas to monks… I have no words to add to this actually. :D Just enjoy…

And speaking of abandoned projects and themes… here's one for the Lost-series. The stairs at St Paul's never fail to give me great moments to photograph. I love not only the couple in this, but the birds and the hands in the top right hand corner. Oh, and that face! :D

There was a little lapse to usual territory coming home via St Paul's, but I am sure you can forgive me! For the past week I have been doing my street photography on the Canon 5D body which unfortunately is not mine and needs to go back to its rightful owner. It's bitter-sweet being able to borrow it as I got a taste of the wide-angle goodness again, as well as what the Holga lens for a Canon digital body can do, so parting is such sweet sorrow… But as it is back to work tomorrow I wouldn't have more time to get out this much to take photos in new places anyways. So, until next time! ;)

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