favourite wedding moments

In the lack of any recent street photography progress in my end let me share with you a couple of my favourite moments from the weddings I have been shooting this far. Being part of the couple's day is so great and I love being able to capture moments like these. Street photography is a good school for being able to observe people and react quickly I tells you! :)


The first photo I wanted to share is this one from during the speeches in Lucy and Richard's wedding. This lady had an amazingly expressive face and I took quite a few photos of her during the reception actually. There was a very excited toddler in the table next to hers and this moment happened in a split second. Two frames caught, shushing over and silence was achieved. ;)


And this second one just speaks for itself! I love that woman at the back standing on the bench for extra advantage. :D There have been such amazing moments in all weddings – some I've caught, some not. However this one I am really happy about indeed. :) And hopefully these two will tie you over until I get the time and energy to get behind my own camera on the streets of London again. It shouldn't be too far away! I say that now, but who knows! :D

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update: London holiday

I suppose it's time for a little update since it's almost a month since I blogged here at VOX! Time flies and all that jazz my dears. ;) The past month has been quite an evenful one; this far I have managed to celebrate my birthday in a prison cell (converted into a bar!), catch and recover from the mother of all flu viruses, have a week off work for the first part of my summer holidays and shoot another wedding. Busy times my friends, busy times. This past week I had, like I said, a lovely week off from work. And sometimes it is just lovely to be a tourist in your own town. Let alone when your home town is London. Here is my past week in photos:

I managed to spend a lot of time in various cafes. Birds were optional.

I've had some superbly naughty treats like this cupcake at one of London's best bakeries.

And I've managed to convert more people to the spell (and fabulous Japanese food) of Wagamama's.

There's been some shopping involved and a lot of London's second hand shops visited…

… including some gorgeous finds with brilliant prices!

I've also gone around the London Eye for the fourth time (I think, or the fifth. I'm starting to lose count!) – it never fails to impress me. London is so beautiful from high above as it is at street level.


I love London so much. The best view really is from this amazing contraption by the Thames. Trust me!

Really. Wouldn't you agree? :)

But now it's back to work, and back to normality, at least for a while. I've learned that professional wedding photographers call this time of the year the "silly season" and I am quickly starting to understand why! I am really enjoying it though as it's such an amazing thing for a silly romantic like me to be able to go to a wedding so often at the moment – let alone take photos of people! With a permission! It's all win-win-win situation for me! :D Although as a result of such a silly season I can give no guarantees of any regularity on updates for now, but trust me, when I can I will! At least in another month's time I have couple weeks off for the second part of this year's summer holidays. I'm heading Finland-Estonia way again this year and most certainly will have my camera(s) with me. :)

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