favourite wedding moments

In the lack of any recent street photography progress in my end let me share with you a couple of my favourite moments from the weddings I have been shooting this far. Being part of the couple's day is so great and I love being able to capture moments like these. Street photography is a good school for being able to observe people and react quickly I tells you! :)


The first photo I wanted to share is this one from during the speeches in Lucy and Richard's wedding. This lady had an amazingly expressive face and I took quite a few photos of her during the reception actually. There was a very excited toddler in the table next to hers and this moment happened in a split second. Two frames caught, shushing over and silence was achieved. ;)


And this second one just speaks for itself! I love that woman at the back standing on the bench for extra advantage. :D There have been such amazing moments in all weddings – some I've caught, some not. However this one I am really happy about indeed. :) And hopefully these two will tie you over until I get the time and energy to get behind my own camera on the streets of London again. It shouldn't be too far away! I say that now, but who knows! :D

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