visual diary – Tallinn

A day after arriving back home we were on the road again. Well, actually on water, as we took the ferry across to spend few days in Tallinn, Estonia. The trip across the bay is pretty quick, less than 2 hours, and Tallinn is such a beautiful city. Especially in the summer. Whilst waiting for my sister to join the party I snapped a photo in the ferry terminal as the light sifting in was so lovely.

Tallinn is a very popular holiday destination these days. Not so much about 15 years ago when we first visited, but it still has an amazing architecture and the people are so lovely. We stayed in the Old Town and rented an apartment this time. It was a great choice and brilliant location. Everything in the city centre is within walking distance, but feeling like really being part of the city was certainly better than staying in a hotel.

Every corner you turn brings out something interesting to look at or touch. The Old Town has a very medieval architecture, but the city itself has some amazing buildings still standing and inhabited from all eras. And if you ever think about renting a place be it for one night or couple of weeks we can certainly recommend the Old House! The apartment we stayed in was gorgeous and the service perfect.

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