visual diary – day trips

During the days in Tallinn we took a few day trips. Part of one of them was a visit to the annual flower festival, which was by the old town walls. What a beautiful setting!


Another sunny day was spent in the Tallinn Zoo, which is HUGE! I always feel very ambivalent in zoos; it is great to be able to see all the different animals so closely, but at the same time my heart breaks for the captives. The polar bear was magnificent if not a bit hungry the afternoon we met.

The city centre is full of tourists from all over the world in the summer months. Some of them are cooler than others. ;)

But before we knew it the days had flown by and it was time to head home. The easiest way to cross the Gulf of Finland is on the ferry, with all the other travellers.

Tallinn is actually an easy day trip do from Helsinki, if you ever happen to that neck of the woods and thinking of something different to do. But for us it was time to spend some more time in Finland.

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