visual diary – home is where the heart is

Finland is a beautiful country in the summer. And one of the best things is that even in most larger cities you have to walk less that 5 minutes and you are in the middle of some kind of greenery, forest or a park. I miss the nature dreadfully sometimes in London and often crave for peace and quiet that in the big city is hard to achieve.

  There is something magical about the light in the summer as well. Finland is one of the countries that has midnight sun, so the summer months are very light almost 24 hours a day. This photo brought me back memories of my childhood summers in the countryside when the fields turn a golden hue this time of the year and every day is full of sunshine.

The summer fruit and veg are also gorgeous, and most things you can pick yourself, making everything automatically organic. One of the best tastes of the summer for me is slightly melted vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries.

Oh and being so close to the nature all round you also get to share the city with the wild life. This little fella was sharing an evening walk with mum and me one night. Not far from the city centre! :) I think I prefer the rabbits in Finland to London's city foxes to be honest, after having experience of both this year. :D

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One Comment on “visual diary – home is where the heart is”

  1. a says:

    Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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