visual diary – leaving

Before I knew it the last days of the holiday was drawing to a close, the summer days over and I was yet again packing. Living abroad certainly has its benefits, but being in two places can sometimes be quite hard. I am glad I am able to enjoy two countries, two cultures, two separate ways of living in my life though.

The home sickness and melancholy don't hit me usually until I am above in the skies looking down to my home country. It's a funny feeling of deprivation flying. For me it's like a teleport between two lives between where I am from and where I belong.

Planes are also often very melancholy places that I don't get to photograph, so I'm glad I brought my digital SLR with me on my holidays this year. It made the ease of documenting and capturing moments very organic for me. I have some lovely memories to go with all photographs this year as well. But this lovely diptych my friends also brings my visual diary in this blog to an end. For now it's back to the weddings, events and the occasional street photography! :)

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