About a year ago I collaborated with my good friend and a fellow street photographer on a little double exposure project. Exactly a year later we have another roll of film multiple exposed and developed! Yay! I shot a roll in London earlier this spring and shipped it to Berlin where the roll was shot through again and the photos developed over last weekend. Unfortunately this time the roll only had about four great double exposures, but more so quite weird and wonderful in their coincidences.

We agreed both times to give as little as possible in guidance of what the other had shot on the roll to maximise … weirdness, I suppose. It's quite odd to see some of these photos and what we have caught in the images. This one above in particular is very ghost-like for me.

Or what about this one? How funny that the two images would be a slot machine and this logo. If I was superstitious I'd be quite freaked out by these photos by now. :D

This one is my favourite one from the roll. The trees of The Green Park embossed on the people and street life of Berlin – just lovely! :)

Looks like I am posting a lot of film at the moment as well. This is of course not a bad thing at all.

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