safe as houses

Hello kids, happy 2010! :) It's been too long (again), but it's the same old story: busy-busy times for little old me. I managed to bring my camera out with me for a little stroll today however, so have some very safe and boring shots to show you to start the year off. There is something about these naked branches I really love this time of the year. They are so… graphic! :)

South Bank was cold and lonely today. The tide was low and not many people were around. This meant that there were not many interesting photo-opportunities either, which suited me well as my fingers were freezing and I felt a bit out of touch to be honest. It's been so long since I managed to roam around the streets of London for just the pure purpose of doing street photography I can hardly call myself a street photographer any more!

There we a few nice moments, like this couple walking together, I did manage to catch though. I suppose it's just the question of getting back on the horse and start doing these things more. Again. I know, we've been here before. I'm sorry. :D

It's just finding the time and energy. 2010 hasn't really started in the best way for me and at times like these stuff like personal photography gets pushed way back on the agenda. I'm glad I got out with the camera today though. Really, I should do this more often. ;)

In the whole process I managed to grab a backseat project photo, too. Something else I should do more of when out and about. The collection is shaping up nicely, yet very slowly. :)

I hope the New Year has started well for you and I hope to have some more photos to share with you soon! :)

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