I can't believe I forgot to add this photo to the previous post! It's one of those rare moments I'm not sure if to take a photo, as public transport is quite an intimate place to be snapping away however descreet I try to be. But really, I just couldn't resist as that sign about feet on the bench was perfectly placed. Or actually his feet were perfectly placed. ;) So yes, I got caught. I think I looked innocent/tired enough that night not to be told off, or then he just wasn't 100% sure if I did actually have the audacity to take a photo of him. :D Either way, I'm glad I captured this moment.

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mobile London

It's been a cold start to the year here in London and I have been busy with the weddings, so there aren't really so-called quality street photos to blog at the moment. However I upgraded my mobile end of last year to the Nokia N900, which is an amazing as well as possibly the most coolest mobile phone I've ever owned. :D The camera in it is superb and I have been busy snapping away with it in between the routine day-to-day things of my normal life, so I thought I'd share some of my favourite moments with you from these past couple months. :)

This was outside my dentist's office. It felt a bit ominous as I'm not a great fan of the dentists in the first place. Mine is a great lady though, and she takes good care of me so I had no need to worry. The camera in the N900 has this cool wide screen mode as well, which means I can fill in a great wide angle of things, like the photo at the start of the post from the South Bank. It really is The Coolest Phone. Honestly! ;)

The touch screen makes taking sneaky photos on the underground really easy as well. These two are my favourites this far. The couple above had such great symmetry with their coffee cups and books, but most of all were so wonderfully animated and engrossed in their books that they didn't notice anything going on around them. And this man with the mobile made me really nervous initially. I thought he was taking a photo of me! It would've been quite ironic, but it was really just a case of furious typing in the end. I couldn't resist capturing this moment though.

The old tube stations in London are great spots for some impromptu photos as well. The platforms are in the open and face each other giving me a great view of things unfolding on the other side. I love how that poster seems to make a moral comment of this love triangle by rolling his eyes. A great little scene unfolding I think. :)

The winter here has been incredibly cold and snowy. Usually there are one or two days of snow in the whole year, whereas this year we can count the snow days in weeks. After the cold snap in January this was a comforting sight for me, I can't wait for the spring to come now! :)

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