I can't believe I forgot to add this photo to the previous post! It's one of those rare moments I'm not sure if to take a photo, as public transport is quite an intimate place to be snapping away however descreet I try to be. But really, I just couldn't resist as that sign about feet on the bench was perfectly placed. Or actually his feet were perfectly placed. ;) So yes, I got caught. I think I looked innocent/tired enough that night not to be told off, or then he just wasn't 100% sure if I did actually have the audacity to take a photo of him. :D Either way, I'm glad I captured this moment.

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7 Comments on “caught”

  1. Xeyli says:


  2. Ishtar says:

    I like this picture a lot. I think his expression is very interesting.

  3. Crush-Monkey says:

    This is too funny!! : )

  4. Lindajoy says:

    he would get done by train inspectors in Melbourne and end up with a nice Australian $300 fine

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