Carnaby Street

Last week London's Carnaby Street celebrated it's 50th anniversary. I popped over after work as there was a big street party and most of all -20% in almost every store in the area. It was a lovely spring evening filled with annoying tourists, huge queues in shops and not so many bargains. In the above picture you can see London's Spring/Summer 2010 trends in a glance: microshorts, satchel bags, Breton stripes, jersey blazers and brogues. I stood in this particular queue for half an hour before I gave up as it was not moving. Instead of shopping that night I decided to focus on photography and I caught couple of really lovely moments on my mobile hence a little update to you my dears. :)


This little man was showing the adults how it's done. A really nice little moment I'm glad I managed to capture and save before my N900 gave up on the idea of charging and had to be sent off to warranty repairs. For the past week I've had a social media detox and have taken no photos apart for work. :( I can't wait for the mobile to come back! I'm so reliant on it these days for everything: internet, e-mail, camera, skype, you name it… Terrible thing this modern life! ;)

But before the detox there were moments like this I was so glad to document. Right place, right time – a perfect London moment for me. These little elephants have taken over the streets of London by the way. There are 258 in total and you can read more about their parade here. :) So, although my shopping bags were slim coming home I managed to grab some ace photos and a fabulous goodie bag from the Carnaby Street party. Not a bag night after all, don't you think? :)

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