Hello WordPress, hello Autumn! Would you believe it, couple nights ago I was on my way to dinner with a friend at London’s South Bank and I actually took my camera with me! And used it! And edited photos! And I’m blogging them! It’s a miracle! :) On the night I was late for dinner, but I hope my friend forgives me after seeing these. It was just too lovely a night not to grab my camera leaving out the door – it was the kind of perfect crisp, cold autumn evening after a busy London Monday. And as you know, it has been far too long from proper photos of London in the blog.

Whilst I get used to all things WordPress, I hope you enjoy these. There is a little itch inside me at the moment that means there might be a little bit more to see and share from behind my viewfinder. ;)


6 Comments on “20.10.2010”

  1. Bill says:

    Woot! Now I know where to find you.

    WP works just fine. A few quirks, but nothing you can’t overcome.

    But I know what you mean about all of this. I neglected my camera, my photos and my blog for too long. Time to fix that.

  2. pebaline says:

    Bill – tell me about it! This itch is nice though and once I get to edit my layout, fonts, menus etc here a bit more to “me” I can’t wait to take off proper with WP. :) I’m so glad you’re still keeping an eye on my photos! <3

  3. xeyli says:

    LOVE the photos… I love long exposures. and Black & White. and lights. and photography :)

    it’ll take some tweaking, but WordPress is pretty good. I miss Neighborhoods like in Vox, but it’s working out fine for me.

  4. gingersister says:

    Nice shot of the Eye at night (I’m assuming that is what it is)
    I like them. Thanks for coming back and giving me periodic shots of some of my favorite far away places.

  5. agelis says:

    hey! a post! love the colour on the London eye and the black and white scene feels very serene for some reason :)

  6. crush-monkey says:

    LOVE that photo of the London Eye!!!! Oooooh! Beautiful !

    So glad to see you out on WordPress today! : )

    WordPress is a nice new home, but some things are missing from Vox. Photo gallery on the side, privacy and knowing immediately when someone in your neighborhood posts!

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