twinkle London

My family made it, we’re having an amazing London Christmas already and I couldn’t be happier. I wish you all Happy Holidays! Have a lovely time wherever you are! ♥


Snow London

This winter was been one of the coldest in London already and yesterday we had a heap of snow come down on us, again.  Snow is becoming quite a regular weather feature in the UK. I remember the times when one of two snow days a year were the norm, now we are white all over, and it’s not even Christmas yet! :) In the afternoon I went to get some groceries and ended up taking the long way home, I thought these footprints looked like some elaborate dance steps..

The “Boris Bikes” are now available for everyone to use for a small fee. Although these ones weren’t getting much action in the snow, rightly so. I’m yet to hop on one, too. I think I have to wait a little while to be honest if the weather continues like this! :D

The South Bank was looking particularly pretty last night when the dusk fell. I think fairy lights make anything look incredibly pretty, which is one of the reason I love this time of the year so much. Now I have couple more days of work left before my family (weather permitting) jets over to spend Christmas with me. I’m so excited to spend Christmas in London for the first time!