Snow London

This winter was been one of the coldest in London already and yesterday we had a heap of snow come down on us, again.  Snow is becoming quite a regular weather feature in the UK. I remember the times when one of two snow days a year were the norm, now we are white all over, and it’s not even Christmas yet! :) In the afternoon I went to get some groceries and ended up taking the long way home, I thought these footprints looked like some elaborate dance steps..

The “Boris Bikes” are now available for everyone to use for a small fee. Although these ones weren’t getting much action in the snow, rightly so. I’m yet to hop on one, too. I think I have to wait a little while to be honest if the weather continues like this! :D

The South Bank was looking particularly pretty last night when the dusk fell. I think fairy lights make anything look incredibly pretty, which is one of the reason I love this time of the year so much. Now I have couple more days of work left before my family (weather permitting) jets over to spend Christmas with me. I’m so excited to spend Christmas in London for the first time!


7 Comments on “Snow London”

  1. gingersister says:

    This is your first London Christmas? Wow.
    I’m on my way over there this year, as a crazy random happenstance, and will arrive just in time for New Years Eve. My parents don’t know yet, so it will be an awesome surprise. Last year, over Christmas, it was snowy there too.
    This year you guys had snow on the ground before we did which is unheard of.
    I hope you enjoy the holidays with your folks.

    • bookmole says:

      Oh – and I shall be in Prague. Where it is even colder and snowier than here. Have a great time!

      • gingersister says:

        Enjoy Prague. I’ve never been but have a hankering to go. I hope it delights you.

        I’ve never done a Thames River cruise. I never thought they would be that worth it, but now I’m rethinking that. May have to make a day trip to the city, hit my favorite haunts, and get an evening cruise in.

    • pebaline says:

      What a great surprise! I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family, too. When I lived up North my family came over for Christmas, but this is the first time we’ll all be down in London. I can’t wait for them to arrive tomorrow! :)

  2. bookmole says:

    If you have the time, now is good to take a river trip. I went to the O2 via Thames Clippers last week – I had not realised just how beautiful London at night can be, specially when seen from the river. And the fairy lights at Canary Wharf put the South Bank to shame.

    Well worth the cash – but not the time, that meant I missed the last train and had to cab it home – £50. Wasted.

    • pebaline says:

      Thanks for the tip! I’ve only done the river cruise years ago, and in the summer. I think my parents would enjoy it actually. :) Minus the taxi fare of course. Hope you have an amazing Christmas in Prague. <3

  3. crush-monkey says:

    So happy to see your photo update!

    Saw London on the news coming to a halt with a bit of snow and thought of my Voxers!!! : )

    Beautiful photos as always!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! : )

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